Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 22, 1957
NUMBER 16, PAGE 2-3a

Reading The Bulletins

Charles A. Holt - P. O. Box 493 - Florence, Alabama

News From Here And There

L. J. Karkosky, Jr. is moving from Kalamazoo, Michigan to work with the church in Johnstown, Penn Joseph H. Cox is moving from Louisville, Ky., where for the past year he has been working with the Oak Grove church, to Miami, Florida, where he will labor with the South West group . . . . W. M. Wilson is the preacher for the Holcombe church in Mobile. Alabama . . . It is good to see several new, small papers being started. Bryan Vinson, Sr., edits a dandy paper published by the Southside church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is published monthly. It is sent free. Address: Southside church, 204 E. 18th. . . . . Another paper which has made its debut, is THE DISCERNER, published by the Green Bayou church in Houston. Robert L. McDonald is the editor. It is put out once each month. The address is: P. O. Box 122... . RELIGIOUS COUNSELOR? Is this the title that a gospel preacher should wear? Preachers seem to want some kind of title or to be known as a specialist in something. I recently received a calling card like this: "R. C. OLIVER, Religious Counselor." Looks like Oliver has it made. Are you in need of "religious counsel," if so you can call him. Wonder if he uses a couch? .... F. F. Conley is to move from Big Springs, Texas to El Paso to work with the North Loop church . . . . Foy Kirkpatrick, who has been with the North Loop church in El Paso has moved to Sherman, Texas to work with one of the churches . . . . Bro. Leroy Garrett writes me that he very definitely does believe in immersion for the remission of sins, and that the report one of his former colleagues made about this matter is not true. Even tho Leroy has "slipped" in other respects, it is good to know that he still holds to this fundamental. However, he does think that there are many, many in the denominations who have been baptized for the remission of sins and, therefore, there are thousands of Christians in their ranks.

Substation, N. Mex. May 3, 1957 U. R. A. Bigchurch

Headquarters, Texas Dear Brother Bigchurch,

Your request for assistance came in the morning mail. This is the forty-ninth such request we have had since Monday. We had calls from the following: 9 orphan homes, 5 colleges, 13 radio stations, poor houses, 15 summer camp sponsors, one hospital and 4 Bible chairs. I must inform you that our bank accounts make it almost impossible to grant your request, since we have received only forty-eight contributions to our projects here at Substation this week. If the brethren will "kick in" from other churches we will be glad to increase our contribution to you.

It looks like our GOOD WORK may suffer if some of the brethren don't quit trying to do their own thinking. Some of the Antis are advocating that every church manage its own affairs. And I'll tell you, if the churches do that we're RUINED!!

Our Bible Chair account is running short, our Orphan Home balance is right down to a nub, the Mission Fund is in the red, and the building fund is almost exhausted, and the building is far from finished.

We know our raiding the treasuries of those little poor weak churches is causing a lot of strife and commotion in the church, but, we MUST have their money to carry on our projects. A lot of these brethren are just not as smart as we are.

We are attaching our check in the amount of $1.98, hoping to receive your contribution to us before the check clears the bank.

Sincerely yours, I. M. A. Bigchurch Substation, N. Mex.

The Sin Of Adultery

Jesus gave only ONE condition for divorce and remarriage. He teaches that if one of the marriage partners commits fornication the innocent party has a right to divorce the guilty party and remarry. (Matt. 19:3-9). If one divorces the companion for any other cause and remarries, that one is committing the sin of adultery, and the person married to such a divorced person is likewise guilty of adultery. And whosoever marries the one put away also commits adultery with that one. This is the law of God. It cannot be changed or set aside to suit the desires of the people.

Adulterers cannot enter heaven (1 Cor. 6:9-10). If they would be saved they must cease living in adultery, which means separation. "The way of transgressors is hard" (Pro. 13:15). Sometimes children are involved and thus the innocent suffer for the sins of the guilty. In such a separation the father has a responsibility to properly care for mother and children. While some rebel at the thought of such a separation in order to be a Christian they thought little or nothing about the first separation and divorce, which also may have involved children. If one can leave his wife and children the first time to commit adultery with a second wife which displeases God, can he not leave the second, adulterous marriage to obey God?

While it is true that all sins are washed away when one obeys the gospel of Christ, relationships are not. The person must cease the relationship. Thus one who is a partner in a liquor business must sever that relationship when he obeys God, otherwise he has never truly repented. Likewise, repentance will demand that those living in adultery cease doing so. There is no other way of salvation for them.

Those living in adultery must choose whether they will separate and obey God and be saved, or live with their companion in adultery and be lost in eternity — Earl Fly, Valley Station, Ky.

Is It Education?

Most of us appreciate the values of a good sound education. In the majority of cases a good education is a prerequisite to being successful in business or industry. However, in the school systems today there is much said about the need to get along, the ability to mix well with others and other things of a purely social nature. This need not be so bad except that some ungodly teachers are wooing our children away from right to the practices of wrong.

Recently a number of instances have been called to my attention where Christian boys and girls have been subjected to embarrassment and ridicule because they would not engage in the dances here were held and would not dress immodestly at the required time. This is the thing that young people must put up with. One young Christian told me that his class cannot even have a simple party without pushing back the desks and dancing at the same time. This ought not to be and we ought to oppose it. One of our girls recently refused to attend a dinner because it was being held in a place that sold liquor. This is the condition of the schools. This is education? Not for me or mine!

Parents, it is far more difficult for a youngster to live amid this corruption and remain aloof from it than it would be for an adult. We must help them by supporting their refusals to engage in evil practices by voicing our own objections so they might be heard.

Young people, don't forsake your Lord for the dance, but stand for your convictions. Don't dress immodestly, but after the manner of a Christian. You don't need to engage in these things to obtain an education, and you cannot and go to heaven.

— Claude Winsford, Louisville, Ky.