Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 18, 1957


The O. H. Zubers

Moore-Kirkland Debate

On April 29, 30 and May 2, 3 there will be a debate in the city of Lufkin, Texas. This debate will be between A. J. Kirkland, Baptist, president of the Texas Baptist Institute, Henderson, Texas, and Elmer Moore, Christian, of the Union Road Church of Christ, Lufkin. The subjects to be discussed are "Apostasy," the first two nights, and "The Plan of Salvation" the last two nights. Mr. Moore will affirm the first and third nights and Mr. Kirkland will affirm the second and fourth nights. The debate will be held in the American Legion Hall of Lufkin, Texas. Visitors are welcomed and will be able to find accommodations.

Wilson-Scott Debate

A religious discussion will be held in the meeting house of the Walnut Avenue church, 1104 Walnut Avenue, NE, Canton, Ohio, between Brother Buff Scott, Jr., Gallipolis, Ohio, and Brother Oswald D. Wilson who preaches for the Walnut Avenue congregation in Canton. Two propositions will be discussed covering the located preacher question and the Christian college question. Brother Wilson's moderator will be Brother Charles M. Campbell, Louisville, Kentucky. The dates for the discussion will be May 6, 7, 8 and 9.

Wilson-Cogdell Debates

On June 3-4 a religious discussion will be held in Canton, Ohio, on the orphan home question, in the meeting house of the Walnut Avenue church, located at 1104 Walnut Avenue, NE, Canton, between Brother Oswald D. Wilson, who preaches for the Walnut Avenue congregation, and Brother Gaston Cogdell, who preaches for the Walnut Hills church in Cincinnati, Ohio. They will discuss this proposition each evening: "It is in harmony with the scriptures for the church to contribute to benevolent institutions, such as orphan homes, old folk homes, as is being practiced by some churches of Christ today." Brother Cogdell will affirm and Brother Wilson will deny. These two brethren will meet again in Cincinnati, Ohio, June 13-14, and discuss the same proposition. Make your plans to attend.

Texas Normal Singing School Receives Charter

Edgar Furr On February 11th we had information from the Secretary of State at Austin that Texas Normal Singing School at Sabinal, Texas, was in line for a charter. On February 18th the charter was drawn up and approved.

We are now entitled to all the rights and privileges of any other school chartered under the State of Texas — "As authorized by subdivision 2 of article 1302 of the Revised Civil Statutes of Texas, to wit: For the purpose of conducting a school to train young men in the art of hymn writing, teaching and choral directing for churches, and otherwise, and to provide scholarships for worthy students in furthering this and other educational undertakings."

We are a tax exempted institution and are now in position to receive tax-free gifts and contributions from any individual who wishes to assist us in the furtherance of the work of training song leaders for the churches of Christ.

For eleven years I have financed the school and operated it solely as a private enterprise. Now that others have come to the realization that we are making the school a permanent thing, they are desirous to have some part in the furtherance of this work. The charter is necessary in order to make gifts to our school tax-deductible.

After the second year of our operation we have had our own campus with buildings necessary to care for our students. The classrooms in the church building of Sabinal are used for our class work. Like other schools, we are growing and the time has come when it will be necessary for us to expand. The school was started to help congregations in this section fill a need and brethren over the nation immediately took advantage of our work and we have had students from every section of the nation. It is the only school of its kind in the nation and we carry on a nation-wide advertising program. We are thankful that we can do what we can in this needy field and solicit everyone's continued interest and encouragement in this work.

D. R. McMillien, Selma, California, March 22: "I just finished a four nights debate with Mr. C. E. Hunt, Missionary Baptist, on instrumental music in the worship of the New Testament Church. I believe this is unusual; to get a Baptist to debate four nights on the music question. The debate was well attended. We filled the meetinghouse here at Selma every night and we feel that we have made several good contacts through the debate."

C. D. Plum, 4185 E. Main Street, Columbus 13, Ohio, March 18: "Yesterday, in Whitehall-Columbus (Route 40) a sister was restored, and a former Catholic baptized."

Ralph Smart, Box 162, Dexter, Maine: "The interest here in Dexter continues to grow. In February two were baptized into Christ, making our membership nine. Our attendance for the past three Lord's days has been over twenty-five."

To The Friends Everywhere

May we take this method of expressing our deep and sincere gratitude, for your many expressions of sympathy and help. We are very grateful indeed, and our loss is great. May God's blessing be with you is our prayer. Our beloved wife and mother has gone to her reward.

The M. C. Cuthbertsons The H. B. Rowleys