Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 21, 1957
NUMBER 41, PAGE 10b,11b

To Whom It May Concern:

Brothers Charles Hodge and Frank Perigo have agreed to meet in honorable and Christian debate on the following dates: February 25-26-28 and March 1. This debate will be conducted in the Ann Arbor church of Christ building, 1669 Ann Arbor, in Dallas, Texas.

The Following Propositions Will Be Discussed


"The scriptures teach that one church may (has right to) contribute to (send funds to, render as to) another church which has assumed (under Oversight) of a work to which both churches have the same relationship before the assumption."

Affirmation: Charles Hodge Denial: Frank Perigo Resolved:

"The scriptures teach that one church may (has the right to) contribute to, send funds to, render assistance o) another church, only when the following conditions exist:

"1. The receiving church must be in 'Want'; it must be an object of charity (either physical or spiritual).

"2. The donation must be for a work that peculiarly is the work of the receiving church; for a work to which he receiving church sustains a relationship that no other church sustains."

Affirmation: Frank Perigo; Denial Charles Hodge

It is to be further noted, that Brother Perigo will be in the affirmative on the following nights, February 25-26. brother Hodge will affirm his proposition on the nights of February 28 and March 1.

Please announce and make plans to attend this discussion.

— Charles Hodge