Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 14, 1957

Adventures In Reading

All Books Intended For Review In This Column Should Be Sent To C. R. Nichol, Clifton. Texas.

THE ROYAL PRIESTHOOD, by W. Carl Ketcherside. The first statement of the author is: "Every child of God is a priest." It is the part of wisdom for a person to open his address by making a statement that the majority of the people believe to be true, especially when he proposes to discuss Bible themes. Such a statement will bring a sympathetic hearing. He who entertains a view which he knows some do not hold, if he seeks to convert others to his views, will go along with the effort and agreement so far as possible, before he broaches the point of difference.

The author of this book differs with many of his brethren, in the matter of a preacher of the gospel locating with a congregation of Christians to labor with them as a preacher. He teaches, correctly, that it is not the province of a man to be hired to move to a congregation and "take charge" of a congregation, and become the director, one who plans, and oversees the work of the congregation — that such is the work of the elders, bishops — of the congregation.

I think there are many men who read the Bible with the view of finding the views he entertains taught therein, and seizes any passage which he thinks can be interpreted to prove his views, and unconsciously perverts the scripture. "Two wrongs never made a right."

THE GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD, by Henry Drummond, is a study of I Corinthians 13. A most delightful presentation of the truth of that subject; and has for years been accorded a place in the best libraries throughout the world. It has been issued in many different forms. It now appears in a special "Gift Edition." It will be, is hailed with delight, as appropriate a gift to students who graduate in colleges, high schools, at Christmas time, and other occasions. Attractively bound. Cloth, $1. per copy, by Wm. Collins Sons & Co.

THE LIFE AND TEACHINGS OF THE MASTER, by G. F. Maine. Cloth binding, $1. per copy. The author presents the book in four divisions, namely, The Life, Teachings, Parables, and Miracles of Christ Jesus. He presents the entire story in quotations from the scriptures. A very unique, as well as interesting, by collating the passages, and that without comment. It is a delightful small book that may be used to present to friends at Christmas, or when some special event takes place in the life of a person. You will find it convenient to have several copies in your home that you may give to friends when the occasion arises when appropriate to make an inexpensive gift.

TEACH WITH SUCCESS, by Guy P. Leavitt, Standard Publishing Company, $2.95. Mr. Leavitt has for a number of years been editor of an educational magazine, as well as an actual teacher in religious work. In this book he gives his experience, and observation in Sunday school work. The book might be appropriately called as his manual for teachers, in which he seeks to help teachers in every department of the teaching service. He does not discredit those who have had no college training in teaching, but seeks to assist them to be better prepared for the work. He insists on being prepared, as well as keeping the student interested. It is truly a book every teacher will not only enjoy but gain much from it in the work of teaching. He seeks to TEACH the TEACHERS. Brother, Sister, you will profit by reading this book.