Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 3, 1957

Reading The Bulletins

Charles A. Holt, Box 365, Franklin, Tennessee

News From Here And There

Delton Porter is now working with the church in Waynesboro, Tennessee. He is the editor of The Wayne Watchman, a neat bulletin published twice each month . . . . Paul Tucker is leaving the Jackson Park church in Nashville to begin work with the Wingate church in the same city . . . . David Mosley has ended five years with the Shelbyville Mills church in Shelbyville, Tennessee, and is moving to Sevierville, Tennessee . . . . Eugene Crawley will begin with the Shelbyville Mill church soon .... Bob Anderson is moving from Columbus, Mississippi, to Knoxville, Tennessee, to work with the Laurel Avenue church . . . . The Hillsboro church in Nashville recently had a $12,622 special contribution to help cut the building fund debt on their "educational building." The building cost $260,000 . . Many such announcements as the following appear in bulletins: "Don't Forget: 'Pink and Blue' shower for Margaret Rogers, Nov. 9th, 7:30 P.M. in the church basement .. ." — Dearborn Messenger, Dearborn, Michigan. Some bulletins hardly contain anything else except such announcements . . . . Paul T. Treakfield is now laboring with Jefferson Street in Orlando, Florida .... Jere Frost is well into his work with the Newbern, (Tennessee) church. He is editing a nice bulletin called The Newbern Admonisher.

Satan's Letter For The Winter

Satanic Realm December 20, 1956

Mr. Lukewarm Christian Wherever, U. R.

Dear Luke:

Glad you took my suggestion last summer, and did not bother too much about going to church during the hot weather. Now, you must watch out for the cold and rain and snow this winter, and not bother about going out in the weather, especially to go to church. You will need to go to your work every day and night, but that is different — it will not hurt you. But to go to church might be bad for your health this winter. And if the baby has a cold be sure the whole family does not go to church.

Do not take your religion tooo seriously. It might run you crazy or destroy your lovely friendships. Why not suggest that the Bible study classes, evening worship service, the mid-week Bible study on Wednesday nights be discontinued. Don't forget to show your impatience if the morning worship is a little long.

Must stop now and write ole buddy Backslider. He's been intending to start back to church, and I am afraid he will. He might even confess that he has been unfaithful. That would be silly for him to do and embarrassing, too. Of course, you will be tooo tired to attend Bible study classes next Sunday morning. By the way, there is a good show on Sunday night. And then, how about a 42 party on next Wednesday night or a TV party???

Your friends and Father of Lies,

B. L. Z. Bub Presley Coming To Louisville

According to the newspapers, Elvis Presley is coming to Louisville for two shows. It is expected that the auditorium will be crowded with "teen-agers" and others who are as unstable as the young.

Presley's effect upon his audiences demonstrates the degeneracy of the age. It is deplorable that our people are so easily rocked and rolled off their "rocker."

It goes without saying that no member of the Lord's church will attend the loose and lewd show.

Fathers and mothers who permit their children to attend such degrading shows need not be surprised at anything they do during or after the time they sit in on a "Presley Spell."

Things have reached a bad state when women and girls are not moved by hearing WHAT A FRIEND WE HAVE IN JESUS, but lose all their senses when Presley sings YOU AIN'T NOTHING BUT A HOUND DOG.

— Preston Highway Reporter Louisville, Kentucky

"Report On The New Bible Chair"

"Hands and knees are sore from waxing floors to a shine and cleaning the building to a sparkling finish. Carpet was laid Friday in the Prayer Room and rostrum. The newly installed telephone has two lines and a hold button. The 1400 volume library is functioning now and you are welcome to check out books.

"Saturday the exes were served coffee and donuts from 9 to 12 from the kitchen where a new twelve foot refrigerator has been installed.

"A group of students from the Bible Chair are buying a piece of furniture to beautify the interior. Your contribution of a piece of furniture would be appreciated and you would be blessed for it.

"Remember the devotionals at 6:40 to 7:10 each evening and at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday. These are inspirational, as well as getting wonderful fellowship."

The above report appeared in the Broadway church of Christ bulletin November 4, 1956. Of course we would not expect more of the denominations but when the church begins to promote such nonsense it seems that someone needs to cry out against it. Such church financed revelry and waste of the Lord's money is down-right sinful. And the PRAYER ROOM with carpet must be something new. Sounds like a close relative of the Catholic confessional, or the Baptist MOURNERS bench. What will be next?

— Bulletin, University Drive Church, Portales, New Mexico

We Are Headed For Rome!

Perhaps many brethren will soon wake up to the fact that some things being practiced in the brotherhood are heading back to Rome, the seat of Roman Catholicism. We are warning repeatedly that centralization of elderships which places authority of those elderships over phases of work which belong to other congregations is the very seed from which Catholicism has grown. As further evidence of what is going on, now note the following:

Elder Of The Month

Nominations are now in order for the "Elder of the Month."

In each issue of Vision we are planning to honor an outstanding elder. The selection will be determined from the nominations that our readers send in. In making your nominations please keep in mind that in addition to being successful in the ordinary work of an elder, he should be a man of vision. Send your nominations to Editor, Vision, Box 46, ACC Station, Abilene, Texas.

How ridiculous can brethren get? How far will they go? A popularity contest for elders! Can anyone picture such a project in New Testament times? Who can imagine brethren sending in names of elders to be nominated for the "outstanding elder"? When a man meets the Bible qualifications of an elder and then does that work, it is not ordinary work, and furthermore, the Lord is the one who knows the merits of that man. It is not to be decided by a popularity contest. Perhaps it can now be more easily seen as to what we mean when we are compelled to warn against certain practices among us.

— Hoyt Houchen, San Antonio, Texas