Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 22, 1956


J. W. Brookshire, Denies

Waukegan Church Grows Rapidly

Avon Malone The Waukegan church of Christ, though handicapped while temporarily meeting in the Waukegan YMCA, is experiencing remarkable growth. Since August of 11953 the attendance on Sunday morning has climbed from an average of 70 to the present of 228. During the same period the contribution has mounted from a weekly average of $74.11 to $348.43. Since January 1, 1956, there have been ninety-three responses: 18 baptisms, 31 restorations, and 44 have placed membership.

On Friday, September 21, 1956 construction was started on a building for the Waukegan congregation. The building will include an auditorium seating three hundred and sixty, thirteen classrooms, a study, nursery, and rest rooms. The basic structure will cost an estimated $52,000.00. It is to be concrete block construction overlaid with Roman brick. Located in the fastest growing residential section in Waukegan. It will face the corner of Golf Road and Jackson Street. The two lots adjoining the building are owned by the church and will be used for parking. If construction continues at the expected pace, the congregation should be meeting in the building by January 1, 1957.

The Broadway Plan of Church Finance" is the financing method being used in this building program. The bonds issued under this plan are simply a series of notes (or loans). These bonds are printed in denominations of $100, $250, $500 and $1000. Some of the bonds mature each six months over a 14 month period. They bear interest which is payable semi-annually at the rate of 5% per annum. The payment of these bonds constitutes a primary obligation of the church and therefore the bonds represent a sound financial investment. The First National Bank of Waukegan is acting as paying agent.

By the use of this method $37,000.00 has already been raised, but there is $13,000 yet remaining in unsold bonds. The completion of the building will depend upon the raising of this $13,000.00. You are urged to invest in this effort. By taking one of the remaining bonds you will be rendering a service to the Lord's cause and, at the same time you will be making a sound financial investment. Make your check or money order payable to: The Waukegan Church of Christ. Send it, along with a letter specifying the size bond you want to: Avon Malone, 709 Washington Street, Waukegan, Illinois. Should you desire additional information, please write to the above address.

C. G. Caldwell, Sr., Will Devote Full Time To Meeting Work

Beginning January 1st Brother C. G. Caldwell, Sr., of Manchester, Tennessee, will be available for protracted meetings wherever he may be called. For many years Brother Caldwell has done outstanding work as a local preacher having served some of the best churches among us with an unusual degree of success. He is well known as a staunch defender of the faith, a speaker of extraordinary ability, and professing a very fine personality. Any congregation in need of an evangelist for a gospel meeting will do well to contact Brother Caldwell. His address is Box 241, Manchester, Tennessee.

Report On Proposed College

Halley Smith, Parkersburg, West Virginia Since November 28, 1955 an organized effort has been put forth by several brethren to establish a new college in Ohio or West Virginia. Helpful suggestions and information has been received from many sources. Other colleges, operated by our brethren, have been very cooperative in this way. More and more people are inquiring as to when the school will be started and where it will be located. We are not yet prepared to give the answer but the answer will be made public just as soon as the location is decided upon. Your interest and cooperation is deeply appreciated.

The last meeting of the Planning Committee was at Marietta, Ohio, on October 15, 1956. Some committee members were not able to attend. Among other things a lengthy discussion was conducted as to where the college would and could be located. The prevailing sentiment of the committee was in favor of one of the following places: Parkersburg, West Virginia; Marietta, Ohio; or Dover, Ohio. The Planning Committee has already been the guests of the Dover Chamber of Commerce in making a tour of that area. We are urgently waiting suggestions and information from any and all as to any other possible location for the school. Send any information you may have about any desirable location in Ohio or West Virginia.

A public meeting for all interested persons is being planned for the very near future. Watch for announcements and plan to attend.

Debate At Morton

Propositions for discussion between J. W. Brookshire and F. I. Stanley, January 15-18, 1957 at Morton, Texas.

Proposition Number I.

Resolve, The scriptures teach, a congregation of the church of Christ is at liberty to send funds to another congregation to assist her in preaching the gospel over a net-work radio program (such as the Herald of Truth).

F. I. Stanley, Affirms J. W. Brookshire, Denies

Proposition Number II Resolve, The scriptures teach, the only way a congregation of the church of Christ can evangelize (preach the gospel) outside her local congregation, is by sending direct to the preacher in the field.

J. W. Brookshire, Affirms F. I Stanley, Denies

Proposition Number III.

Resolve, The scriptures teach that a church may contribute money from its treasury to another church only when the receiving church is unable financially to supply adequately for the physical needs of its own indigent members.

J. W. Brookshire, Affirms F. I. Stanley, Denies

Proposition Number IV.

Resolve, The scriptures teach, congregations of the church of Christ may cooperate in the care for the poor, fatherless, etc., to the extent of building a place for their keep and contributing funds for the upkeep of the same; such as "Boles Home," and "Lubbock Children's Home."

F. I. Stanley, Affirms