Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 1, 1956

Adventures In Reading

All Books Intended For Review In This Column Should Be Sent To C. R. Nichol. Clifton, Tex.

TITLES OF THE TRIUNE GOD, by Robert F. Stevenson, Published by Fleming H. Revell Co., $2.50, cloth binding.

The title, "THE TRIUNE GOD" that Jehovah, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are one personality, as some few are now contending.

This is a timely and informative book, in which the "titles" used in referring to Jehovah are mentioned and what they signify. In the New Testament the "titles" used in referring to Jesus, and discussed in their relationship to Jehovah, and man.

The book is filled with meat for the student and is informative for all. You will derive good from reading this good book and more fully appreciate the "titles" in the Bible referring to the persons in the trinity. The book is certain to have a wide circulation.

ANIMATED OBJECT TALKS, by Clyde Foushee, Fleming H. Revell Company, cloth binding, $2.00.

The very finest book I have seen in gaining, holding and teaching young people lessons from the Bible. The objects selected are easily obtainable, and very aptly used in the lessons presented.

Were I teaching a class of young people, boys and girls, I know no book I think could be aptly used as this book. The objects used in teaching the class will ever be remembered, as will the lesson drawn therefrom. Each lesson is replete. You with the students will enjoy these lessons.

A MISCELLANY OF QUIET TALKS, by S. D. Gordon, Published by Fleming H. Revell, $2.50, cloth binding.

Discussing: Ideals, Temptations, Prayer, Power and Service.

A most gripping series of lessons, each chapter complete within itself, yet there is a continuity of thought permeating the discussions. The chapter on Prayer is filled with valuable suggestions for each one, especially for those who think they cannot lead a public prayer. The chapter on Ideals is timely, thought provoking. The Bible holds out the highest ideals, and reading this book will assist you in reaching them.