Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 2, 1956
NUMBER 13, PAGE 9b,11b


Douthitt-Warren Debate

Tant Williams, Jr., South Houston, Texas, July 1: "As a matter of education the church in South Houston has arranged for and will support Brethren Cecil B. Douthitt and Thomas B. Warren in an oral debate on current issues, scheduled for October 23-26, 1956, South Houston, Texas.

Proposition One:

The scriptures teach that a church may contribute money from its treasury to another church only (1) when the receiving church is unable financially to supply adequately for the physical want of its own indigent members, and (2) when the purpose of the donation is: 'That there may be equality,' or mutual freedom from want of physical necessities.

Affirmative: Cecil B. Douthitt

Negative: Thomas B. Warren

Proposition Two:

The scriptures teach that one church may (has the right to) contribute to (send funds) to, render assistance to) another church which has assumed (undertaken) the oversight of a work to which both churches sustained the same relationship before the assumption of the oversight.

Affirmative: Thomas B. Warren Negative: Cecil B. Douthitt

Following Douthitt's last speech Warren will have a fifteen minute rebuttal with no new material to be introduced."

R. Ervin Driskill, Box 484, Lewisville, Texas, July 3: "June closed nearly three years of very pleasant work with the Belview Heights church, of Birmingham, Alabama. This church has one of the strongest elderships I know of anywhere and it should be a pleasure for the man following to work with them. James W. Adams closed a meeting with them the Sunday before we left. It was his second meeting and he was asked to return next year. Brother Adams answered Guy N. Woods speech (which was made the previous Sunday at the Central church) and did the best I've ever heard. Central refused to support Brother Woods in a debate and those who heard both men would not blame Central. Brother Bob Crawley of Mt. Airy, Tennessee will begin with Belview the first of August. We wish for him and them a most pleasant and fruitful work. Three were baptized during Brother Adam's meeting and three immediately following. Friends will please notice our change of address."

Rodney Wald, 5 Belford Street, Broadmeadow, N.S.W., Australia: "Please note my change of address. The work in Warner's Bay, N.S.W., Australia is progressing in a splendid way. Our attendance averages in the 30's. We have only four members. We must build an addition to our present building because of our crowded conditions. It will cost around $2000. If you can help us in any way it will be appreciated. We have begun mailing our gospel tracts into the homes of interested people, and our correspondence course is being sent into homes throughout most of Australia. For further information write: 41st Street Church of Christ, 2302 W. 41st St., Tulsa 7, Oklahoma, or to M. T. Bishop, Box 397, Haskell, Oklahoma."

William R. Ward, Sr., Prescott, Arizona, July 11: "Since our last report of several months ago, we have had four restorations and five to place membership with this congregation. The work here is coming very nicely. We are having some of the best attendance ever. We look forward with great expectation of continued spiritual prosperity."

Guthrie Dean, Ruston, Louisiana, July 2: "I just closed a meeting with the church at Dardenelle, Arkansas where Brother C. V. Langford is the regular preacher. During Brother Langford's ministry there the church has made tremendous growth. The last Sunday of the meeting 225 were present for the morning service, and around 300 that evening. Seven were baptized during the meeting and one restored. Six of the eight to respond were mature men. My next meeting is at Kokomo, Indiana, July 11-18."

R. C. Copeland, Jr., Box 416, Spur, Texas, June 30: "The church here supported me in a meeting at Plentywood, Montana, June 10-17. The northern part of our nation is a difficult field. They need and deserve the helpful attention of strong congregations of the south. I have just received Vol. 1, Sermons by C. R. Nichol. I am certain that every student of the Bible will enjoy and appreciate this book by one of our outstanding brethren."

Eugene Britnell, Box 83, Tuckerman, Arkansas, July 5: "June 4-12 I preached in a meeting at Calico Rock, Arkansas, where Brother Jack Hobby is doing a good work. July 19-27 I was with the brethren in Rockingham, North Carolina for a meeting. Brother Frank Milton is doing a good work there. The church is growing in that section but there is much to be done yet. The brethren in Rockingham now own their building and are self-supporting. I am now in a meeting at Lynn, Arkansas with good interest and attendance, and will begin July 11 at Quitman, Arkansas. Brother Charles G. Caldwell, Sr., of Gary, Indiana will preach in a meeting here July 20-29. On June 3 I had the pleasure of baptizing our son, Olen. The work here continues to be encouraging and we are now erecting a building for the colored Christians."

W. E. Fortney, 162 Horrison, Clarksburg, West Virginia, July 9: "Three precious souls responded to the invitation at Gorrell's Run, West Virginia. Two for baptism, one for restoration."

J. W. Andrews, Box 463, Rush Springs, Oklahoma: "The first six months of 1956 have been good ones for the church in Rush Springs. We have completed and are using a seven room classroom building. The total cost of our building (furnished) was $3,701.56. Of this amount we owe $1,160.00. We expect to pay most of this off this year. We are having our building full nearly every Sunday. There have been four restored to faithful living, and seven baptized in the past six months. Albert Holt of Lawton, Oklahoma, will be with us July 15 through the 25th in a meeting. The church sent me, in May, to Lamed, Kansas to help them in a series of meetings. I have just returned from Valdosta, Georgia, where I was in a good meeting with the Remerton church. Edwin %early preaches for the Remerton church. They are planning a new building."

James W. Medlin, 4020 Alabama Street, San Diego 4, California: "The East San Diego congregation concluded a meeting June 7th with Lloyd Moyer of Richmond, Cal. doing the preaching in a splendid manner. Interest was good throughout and there were seven responses — three baptized and four to confess wrongs. We believe that much good was accomplished for the Lord's purpose and have invited Brother Moyer to be with us again next year.

"At a special afternoon service June 3rd, with all the congregations in the city and surrounding areas invited, Brother Moyer spoke on Sponsored Church-Type Cooperation and Human Institutions.' He did his work well in showing the Lord's way of doing evangelistic and benevolent work in comparison to the many present day methods being exercised throughout the brotherhood. Many who were present were made to realize the necessity of giving prayerful study and consideration to these vital issues.

"The church of Christ has always invited people to investigate the things it teaches. This congregation is willing to defend the things taught in that service and believing the truth will always emerge victorious from the crucible of debate is willing to arrange a public discussion of these issues with any representative man endorsed by a recognized congregation who believes or practices sponsored church-type cooperation, or believes in or endorses human institutions to do the work of the church. We believe that such a discussion would do untold good in clarifying the issues and promoting unity among the brethren.

"Yater Tant will be with us July 19-20 speaking these issues. All who can are cordially to attend. When in the area visit with us."