Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 30, 1955

No Paper Next Week


Complying with the terms of our mailing permit, and in harmony with our established policy we issue no paper next week. This gives a short "breather" to our force, and enables us to get ready for the heavy work that July and August always brings. But the paper will be back in your box as usual the week after next.

The Cogdill Articles

We begin, this week a series of six articles by Brother Cogdill reviewing the Lufkin debate. While several have written brief accounts of the discussion, this is the most comprehensive, and the only full-scale review we have carried. Cogdill was present for every session, and since the debate, has listened to the recording of it, and has also carefully reviewed the written manuscript taken from the recording. Inasmuch as he had helped this writer much in preparation previous to the engagement, he knew what arguments we were to advance, and was therefore carefully listening to see what response would be made to those arguments — what kind of evidence would be adduced in support of Herald of Truth. We believe our readers will enjoy his review.

New Book By R. L. Whiteside

It will come as welcome news to Christians everywhere that Sister Inys Whiteside, daughter of the lamented R. L. Whiteside, has carefully compiled from the writings of her illustrious father material for a book to be entitled "Doctrinal Discourses."

Brother Whiteside was recognized by faithful Christians as one of the finest Bible students of our day. David Lipscomb once said of him that he was the best Bible scholar who had ever sat in his classes. His "Commentary on Romans" is used throughout the church, and in the common judgment of those best qualified to render a verdict is regarded as the finest commentary on that book in print. Its clear, simple, and penetrating explanations of otherwise difficult passages in the book has been of inestimable help to teachers, preachers, and other Christians for a decade. Its acceptance is unquestionably destined to become ever greater and more general as it becomes better known.

The present volume, "Doctrinal Discourses," is made up of a choice collection of Brother Whiteside's articles as they appeared in The Bible Banner, The Christian Preacher, The Texas Preacher, The Way, The Firm Foundation, The Gospel Advocate, and The Gospel Guardian. Several of these journals are no longer being published; bound volumes of some of the others are exceedingly rare and exist only in extremely limited number. Sister Whiteside, therefore, has done a truly commendable thing in preserving some of her father's writings in permanent form. The book should be in the library of every gospel preacher in the land, and especially of the younger preachers.

The book, handsomely bound, will contain the following articles:

A Good Mixer A Permanent Building

Churches and Colleges The College Question

Doctrine of Hereditary Depravity Examined Elders

Elders and Majority Rule Foundations

God Reigns Within How Readest Thou?

Holy Spirit:

Operation in Conversion

Direct Supernatural Influence

An Intelligent Being

Holy Spirit in Conversion

Holy Spirit Baptist

Spiritual Gifts

Indwelling of the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit Baptism Controversy

Jeremiah Seeking A Man Knowing the Doctrine

Logic — the Argumentum Ad Hominem Man of God

Misunderstood Obedience

Opinion, Faith, Knowledge Paul's Natural Man


Questions About the Destruction of the Temple Reason For Hope

Settling Doctrinal Questions By Popular Vote Some Points Discussed:

Prayers of Aliens and Patriarchy

Apostles in Jerusalem

Some Scriptures Discussed Some Words and Phrases Discussed

The Church of God The Work of the Church

The Church As A Body The Body An Instrument

The Greatest War The Law A Tutor

Unity Who Are the Sound?

Work In the Vineyard Walking By Faith

The book of perhaps 300 pages will be an invaluable addition to any library. Price of it is $3.50, and it may be ordered from the Gospel Guardian.

Porter's Book Sale

Brother W. Curtis Porter is closing out his stock of books in the Porter Book Shop. He hopes to be able to print three or four of his debates in the coming months, and wants to get the money out of his present stock of books to finance the publication of the debates. The Gospel Guardian has agreed to help him liquidate his stock. In the back pages of this issue we carry a partial list of the books he has for sale. Other listings will be given later. Look through the list carefully. No doubt many will want to purchase a number of these fine volumes — all of them at reduced prices.

— F. Y. T.