Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 30, 1955

Not A Principle Eternal Just A New Revelation

John F. Reese, Abilene, Texas

(Editor's Note: By mistake this short article was omitted from last week's issue of the Gospel Guardian. We had made a comment about it on the editorial page, and had said Brother Reese's article would be found elsewhere in that issue. It wasn't. We offer apology to Brother Reese and to our readers. Those who are interested in seeing the editor's response to this argument of Brother Reese's will find it on the editorial page of last week's Gospel Guardian — June 23.)

"If the voice can be sent into 1,300 places, why cannot the man be sent there? If we can send a man's voice to Montana, and Maine, and Florida, to South America, and Canada, why cannot the same eldership, by the same arrangement ($1,400,000), send the man there? Then we have in effect, what we have in actuality, a centralized agency through which the churches work. So far as I am concerned, there is no other way under heaven to see it." So said Brother Tant in debate at Lufkin with Brother E. R. Harper.

If the Gospel Guardian can send to 10,000 subscribers each week one paper containing sermons by ten gospel preachers, then they can send 100,000 gospel preachers to all the places mentioned above. If not, why not? Quote:

"If you can send the voice, you can send the man." By the same reasoning, if you can send the man's writing, you can send the man for after all they are but written symbols representing the vocal expressions and simply taking the place of the mechanical manipulation of his vocal chords. Then we have in effect, that we have in actuality, a centralized agency (the Gospel Guardian) through which the churches work. So far as I am concerned (John F. Reese), there is no other way under heaven to see it, thanks to Brother Tant.

Question No. 1: Shall we disband our radio program on this reasoning?

Question No. 2: Shall we disband the printing of all brotherhood papers or shall we just disband PERIOD?