Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 23, 1955

An Open Letter To Brother Otis Gatewood

G. A. Maddux, Sulphur Springs, Texas

Dear Otis: If you will recall, I was present when you made your first attempt to preach. I felt confident you would make a fine preacher, but had some distance to go. I also remember you had an appointment at a school house just east of Meadow, Texas, and on one occasion a Baptist preacher there did not treat you as I thought right. So I asked all the people to return that afternoon for me to reply to this man. I did reply to him; and never heard of his bothering you again. I knew you were very young in years, just beginning to preach, and this man was an old hand at the "Baptist" business. I was glad to shut him up.

I have been watching you from then on, Otis, and have always appreciated your work very much, although I have disagreed with you in the manner in which you were carrying on that work. But aside from that, I am SHOCKED about that five dollar contribution you sent your sister and the way you had that deal put over. I do hope you just come right out and admit your mistake in such, and pray never to be guilty of the like again. I am confident that even those who agree with your method of doing missionary work will not agree with the "trickery" you used in putting over this five dollar contribution deal. We must remember we can not meet opposition with trickery. If Brother Tant is wrong, come forth with the Bible, and do not resort to deception and trickery. We both know the Lord will not accept such. Written in love by one of your best friends in Christ.