Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 23, 1955

Italy To Expel Paden

J. R. Chisholm

There seems to be but little doubt that the Italian Government will demand that Brother Cline Paden leave Italy within the next few weeks.

On May 26th, Brother Paden called Brownfield, Texas by telephone to report on a conversation with Mr. Collins of the American Embassy. He had called Mr. Collins in order to determine the disposition of Brother Hilliard Story's request for a visa to enter Italy.

Mr. Collins stated that the day Brother Paden left Italy the Italian Government would grant a 2-year visa to Brother Story to enter. In effect, this means that Brother Story will be allowed to enter Italy as a replacement.

Further conversation brought out the following:

1. Brother Paden will be tried within the next three weeks. This would place the date at approximately June 15th.

2. Regardless of the outcome of the trial, Brother Paden will be asked to leave Italy. Mr. Collins admitted that this information had been in the hands of the Embassy for 10 days. They made no effort to communicate it to Brother Paden.

3. The Italian Government will not act on Brother Story's application until after the trial of Brother Paden. When the trial is complete and Brother Paden ordered from the country, his visa will be approved.

All other preachers of the church in Italy, including Brother Harold Paden, have been granted extensions on their visas until December 31st. However, Mr. Collins stated positively that Cline Paden could not expect any such extension.

This information is not official as yet. Until the Italian Government makes a formal announcement, we are unable to ask assistance. We realize that the above news may possibly be denied (it seems high government officials caught in embarrassing situations, reserve the right to deny any statement that they make.) however, this will not alter the fact that this information was given us by a staff member of the American Embassy in Rome.