Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 23, 1955

The Overflow

F. Y. T.

"Society" Street

On this page a couple of years ago we carried a brief paragraph to the effect that the meeting-house of the brethren in Albany, Georgia, was located on the corner of Slappey and Eager Streets. While driving through Albany last month we saw a big sign announcing the location of the First Christian Church in that city — corner of Cleveland Avenue and Society Street.

The "Quarantine" Again

We chalked up number four last month — the fourth meeting which the "quarantine" brethren have been able to get cancelled for this writer. And not a single one of them in a church where we have ever preached even one sermon! This last cancellation was in a church where the meeting has been promised for well over a year — but they held up their cancellation until just a few weeks before the scheduled date, thus making it practically certain that we'd not be able to fill the time elsewhere.

George Jones To Kilgore

In answer to the great number of inquiries we have received relative to Brother George T. Jones: As is generally known, Brother Jones had the courage to state publicly in the Lufkin debate that he had come to understand the truth of Bible teaching on the subject of "congregational cooperation", and would henceforth work as earnestly in opposition to such cooperative arrangements as "Herald of Truth" as he had previously worked to support them. Through the influence and vigorous work of "Herald of Truth" backers, the elders at Fort Smith, Arkansas, (Midland Boulevard) were persuaded to fire Brother Jones because of his change in convictions. Promptly, however, the fine church at Kilgore, Texas, one of the very best in the state, asked Brother Jones to move to Kilgore and labor with them. He will be moving there next month. Oh, yes, the Fort Smith brethren were considerate enough to give Brother Jones three weeks notice!

From "The Babbler"

When this writer was a student at David Lipscomb College about twenty-five years ago he was Editor-in-Chief of the college paper, "The Babbler". This added a wee bit to the chuckle we got out of this paragraph appearing in the May 20 issue of that organ: "Ralph Henley asked one of his political classes if they kept up with the Guardian and several hands were raised to show what alert students he had. He then began to question the scholars on some of the issues recently discussed in that particular paper. Noticing the blank looks on the faces in response to his questions, he made further inquiry and found that while he had been speaking of the MANCHESTER GUARDIAN, his students had had in mind the GOSPEL GUARDIAN. You can make up your own moral to this story." Bravo! for the Lipscomb boys. And a salute to Pat Fyfe for reporting the incident.

"O Jerusalem, Jerusalem!"

Interesting note comes out of "middle Judea" in recent weeks. When O. C. Lambert gave his lecture on "Catholicism" in the Madison church (they have the second biggest Sunday School in the world among Churches of Christ — and send over a hundred dollars a month to preach the gospel outside of Madison!) neither of the Nashville newspapers would run a story on the service, nor would either of them accept a paid advertisement which would in any way "reflect" on Catholicism.

An elder of the Madison church is editor of one of the papers! It was different in Nashville when Hardeman was blasting the Catholics in his Ryman Auditorium meetings. His sermons then were printed in full — in spite of the bitter opposition of Catholic forces. What has happened in "Jerusalem"? Lambert spoke to only a "shirt-tail full" of people in the Madison service, and has described it to friends as one of the biggest disappointments of his life.

This Is It

A newspaper clipping sent to us by Ralph S. Church of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, shows that a building permit for repairs was issued to the "Mount Calvary Holy Church of America, Incorporated." Which reminds us of Mark Twain's strictures on the Christian Science church (Mother Church) in Boston for restricting use of the word "The" to herself. She is "The Church of Christ, Scientist"; all others are First, Second, Third, Fourth, etc. Twain said this congregation had joined the great company of "the" sun, the universe, the devil!

Church Signs

Brother Loyd L. Smith of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, sends us two pictures from which we get a smile. One of them is a picture of a church bulletin board of the "Only Way Baptist Church", and the other is a picture of a bulletin board of the Church of Christ at 115 N. National Street, Springfield, Missouri. This latter board lists "Services" as "Lord's Day Bible Study, 10:00; Edification, 11:00; Lord's Day Evening, 7:30; Wednesday Evening, 7:30." Brother Smith wondered, as do we, if they ever have any "Worship" in that congregation? Hm-m-m.

Brother Watson's "Dare"

Brother Sterl Watson writes in the Gospel Advocate, "If you want to start a hobby, just dare any man to read in the New Testament of more than one congregation in the same city." And right away we get some letters asking us to pass on the word to Brother Watson that he should read Romans 16:3-5, and couple with it Romans 16:14, and Romans 16:15. Were there three or more congregations in Rome?