Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 16, 1955

An Important Proposal

Pryde E. Hinton, Dora, Alabama

Nothing is as important as preaching and teaching the gospel to the lost, and "to feed the church of the Lord". Providing for the physical needs of those who are helpless and in need is imperative; but not as important as providing the spiritual needs. In this conclusion all Christians will agree. The teaching of Mt. 23;23 fits here: we should not do one thing to the neglect of another and greater thing.

I therefore propose the following:

Inasmuch as millions of souls in our own nation have not really had an opportunity to hear the gospel, and have a nearby congregation with which to worship, and, Inasmuch as there are perhaps thousands of small congregations which have not men suited for elders and deacons, and have not the money to support an evangelist until they are "set in order," and,

Inasmuch as our present method of evangelistic efforts leaves many such persons and churches, to say the very least, neglected (and I can give many examples of such), I, therefore, propose that brethren get together from as many churches as possible (as long as they are all faithful members of the "one body," it will be the church at work; "only this, and nothing more"), select representative, faithful, and experienced men from among themselves to become trustees of a missionary fund and directors of our cooperative missionary efforts. Of course, one of these trustees should be president of the group; another treasurer; another, secretary; and another, superintendent. This efficient group (just the church at work, mind you, as they are all members of the "one body," and what members of the church do, the church is doing!) — this efficient group would plan the evangelist work, so that no place is neglected, and all evangelists not only faithful and loyal, but sent to the place for which they are best fitted. Overhead expenses would be small, as we should need only a small office, centrally located. Trustees would meet as often as necessary to make plans; also to purchase equipment, such as tents, hymn books, etc.

Trustees also would see to it that two men, a singer and preacher, were sent together; and that these men are suited to work together.

The churches and individuals would send their missionary funds, as much as they desire and are able, to send to the treasurer, and he would promptly acknowledge the receipt. One man could be secretary-treasurer, and, like the superintendent, would be a full-time employee of the churches. We would not call this an unscriptural name, to indicate that it is separate from the churches. It could be called The C. A. W., that is, "The Churches At Work".

I should like to hear from brethren, if they either object to or approve my plan. I do not want to be one of the trustees, or president, or secretary-treasurer; I seek no place of honor, and I know my inability, both intellectually and physically, to carry on under such responsibility.

But if you object to this, or a similar plan, don't forget Mark 16:15,16; Matt. 28:18-20; and Eph. 3:10. Also, see Acts 11:19-26. Of course, the church sent Barnabas, but the details are not provided. Barnabas, having arrived on the scene, was at liberty to go for Saul; so why not have a group of able men to carry out this function efficiently and without overlapping efforts? May I ask the objecting brethren this: "What are you doing now to save these millions of lost souls who roam the streets and alleys of our cities and roads of the country? It is not only an "eternal principle," but a divine example, that churches cooperated, when there was need. And what greater need has ever existed than preaching the gospel to the lost? And I repeat: IT IS NOT NOW BEING ADEQUATELY DONE! Too many churches are "sounding" the Word in, by sending for "evangelists" to "hold" meetings for THEM, rather $ than sending to "the regions beyond". I wonder what response I shall get to this proposal? I shall let you know, as soon as I hear anything.