Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 16, 1955


W. D. Black

Brother Henry E. Cleghorn was born March 21, 1880 in Hamilton County, Texas. He passed away January 18, 1955, at his daughter's (Mrs. Margurite McDonald) home in Brownwood.

About a year before his death he suffered a heart attack and was under the care of his doctor; and when death struck him it was very suddenly. He had driven his car down to the store near his daughter's home and back to the house; when they found him he was lying stretched out on the floor in the garage near the door.

He is survived by his wife, Mrs. H. E. Cleghorn, and nine children by a former marriage; six girls and three boys. Mrs. Erna Samuelson and Mrs. Mozelle Ford of Brady, Texas, Mrs. Gerry Walker of Fort Worth, Mrs. Agatha Roper of Austin, Mrs. Margurite McDonald of Brownwood, and Mrs. Emma Jo Harrison of San Saba, Texas. James Cleghorn of Tomball, Texas, Raymond Cleghorn of Detroit, Michigan, Collie Cleghorn in the U S. Army in Germany. All were present at the funeral except the last named.

His body was laid to rest at Bowser by the side of his former wife, the mother of his children, on January 20, 1955. The writer tried to speak words of comfort to the bereaved, assisted by Brother Luther Norman of Hondo, Texas, who had known Brother Cleghorn longer than I had. In fact Brother Norman taught him the Truth which led him out of sectarianism into the light of the Gospel. We based our remarks on the text found in 2 Samuel 3:38, "Know you not that there is a prince and a great man fallen in Israel this day." Brother Cleghorn was one of the best men I have ever known. A good father, a devoted husband, a faithful Christian, one who loved the Lord and the church for which he died. He loved the Bible and was always happy when he could get some one to discuss it with him. To me he was more like an own brother. We had the same things in common, loved the same cause; in fact "he was my brother."

Notwithstanding the fact that it was a very cold day, January 20, when we met for the services in the church building at Bowser yet the house would not hold them. Many stood on the outside. Many came from Lohn where he had once lived, and from Star where he lived at the time of his passing. Two of his half-brothers were present, one of them lived in Clovis, New Mexico, but was in California at the time of Brother Cleghorn's death and came directly to Brownwood on the train. The other one lived in Fort Worth.

The beautiful floral offering which covered the end of the building and partly around the side walls and the fact so many came from a distance, indicated the high esteem in which he was held.

We used also 1 Thessalonians 4:14-18 and John 14:1-3 in our talk. Truly we believe Brother Cleghorn was prepared to go. To all of you his loved ones who are left behind remember this: that heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people. May God bless you.

His friend and brother in Christ, W. D. Black