Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 16, 1955

"Boom!! And Not Boomerang"

R. Ervin Driskill, Birmingham, Alabama

In Boles Home News, May 10, 1955, our dear Brother Oler's Boomerang has BOOMED! It seems that he has not only become the "Pope of the church" in having the superintendency (oversight of the benevolent work of the church Universal) but he has now set himself up as the "dictator" or "Pope of the Universal church" in telling elders EVERYWHERE, what to do before they hire a preacher. He says, "Since our recent article suggesting that elders of the churches would do well and wisely to investigate the records of preachers (who, Brother Oler?, R.E.D) before they engaged them and trusted them with such grave responsibilities, we have received unusual response." He further says, "Most of them (responses, R.E.D.) were words of appreciation and encouragement, but a few preachers were a little disturbed." Brother Oler, if this information is of such wide interest why not tell us how many were DISTURBED and how many were in appreciation? I wish you would enlighten us more in your writings and tell us the number and instead of implications tell us who these rascals are. Is it because you are afraid or just too nice?

"When we suggested, nicely, of course, and not too boldly, that some church splitters were abroad in the land, that a preacheristic dynasty was taking root among the churches, and that we have some evangelistic quarterbacks calling the congregational plays, some of the fellows complained in injured innocence that they had been dealt with a little too harshly, and that nobody should draw a line or mark them." Brother Oler sets himself up to tell the elders of the churches to investigate the records, of preachers, before they engage them and trust them with such grave responsibilities etc., and then talks of "PREACHING DYNASTY" and "EVANGELISTIC QUARTERBACKS CALLING THE CONGREGATIONAL PLAYS" . . . BOOM!! BOOM!!

Brother Oler, if you know of some "Church Splitters" (JUST ONE) you should tell us who they are; give us his name and address and if you don't, brethren will know it was just a lot of noise, designed to scare someone. Brother, why don't you either affirm the scripturalness of Boles Home or admit all this bluster (in Boles Home News) is just a BOOM!

Our dear Brother BOOMS! again when he applies Rom. 16:17,18 to present issues. Paul said, "to mark those that are causing the divisions and occasions of stumbling, contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned! . . . etc." Brother Oler is obligated to show that what is taught, by those opposing Boles Home, is contrary to the doctrine Paul taught or, better still, to prove Boles Home is taught by Paul. Brother Oler, you are in no position to do any MARKING until you get on Paul's side of the issue ... BOOM!!