Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 9, 1955


Jesse W. Kelley, 421 Oaklawn, Lafayette, La.: "May 28th Luther Blackmon closed the greatest meeting in the history of the church in Lafayette. Extra chairs were used at many services and many denominationalists heard the truth. Any church would do well to get Luther Blackmon for a meeting. He can preach."

W. Earl Mansur, Box 358, Ringling, Oklahoma, May 27: "One identified here recently. I will do the preaching in a meeting at Velma, Okla., June 27 through July 6."

Vestal Chaffin, P.O. Box 84, Bruceton, Tennessee, May 26: "The work in Bruceton goes along very well. R. A. Ginn will do the preaching in our meeting June 17-26. When traveling highway 70 between Nashville and Memphis, stop and worship with us."

C A. Cornelius Box 12, Fort Deposit, Alabama, May 23: "Last Thursday at the close of the Ladies Bible Class, we baptized two elderly ladies. One had been a Methodist, and the other a member of the Christian Church. The high-light of our experience came yesterday when we baptized into Christ an old gentleman whom the whole town knows and loves and who had been a Methodist since a baby. He will be 98 years of age at his next birthday. There was hardly a dry eye among the spectators as they beheld the "Babe in Christ" being raised from the watery grave at the age of 98. He laments the fact that his life was wasted in propagating a doctrine that cannot be found in all of God's word. His faithful Christian wife, who is confined to a wheel chair, rejoiced with joy unspeakable. Soon we will have been here nine months. During this time we have had 31 responses, 16 for baptism, and 15 confessing wrong doing. We seem to be having a steady growth in all phases of the work, for which we are duly thankful to almighty God. Visit with us when coming this way."

Clyde C. Corner, 208 North John, Holdenville, Oklahoma, May 23: "In April I preached in a meeting in Missouri where I grew up. One was baptized. Five were baptized in our meeting here with Frank L. Smith of Tulsa preaching. I will be in a meeting in Cleveland, Oklahoma June 13-22 and begin work with the church at Sulphur, Oklahoma July 1"

T. D. Boston, Sr., 806 E. Pecan St. Victoria, Tex.: "Our meeting at North and Deleon, with Bro. Tex Stevens of Bloomington preaching was a successful one in many ways. There were no responses, yet there was wonderful attendance, and the cooperation between congregations here was all that one might expect from Christians. It is always good to find brethren at peace with each other. It increases our efforts to do good, and to spread the cause of Christ in our community."

Dow Wilson, 1502 South Third, Tucumcari, New Mexico, May 24: "I moved from the Bunavista congregation of Borger, Texas and began work with the congregation here about two months ago. I left an excellent congregation with a bright future a Bunavista. Brother Vernon Gruver is moved and working with the brethren there. We have had an excellent beginning in the work here and our statistics indicate an increase in interest. Past preachers here have used foresight in their preaching and the elders are making progressive plans for advancement. We expect a prosperous work."

Willis G. Jernigan, Box 573, Bowie, Texas, May 23: "Four baptisms here yesterday morning. One of the number had worked in the Baptist denomination for many years."