Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 9, 1955

A Note Of Warning

Buff Scott, Jr., Gallipolis, Ohio

In justice to many brethren and congregations who may be solicited for help, I feel morally obligated to write this brief note about the work in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania. For over eight months I lived there, and tried to work with this little congregation. My efforts were fruitless, so far as I can judge. The church seems to be shot through and through with modernism. God knows I tried to preach the truth in love, but ran up against a brick wall at every turn. There is a "softness" toward denominationalism, error and worldliness in general that makes any constructive work there well-nigh impossible. So to all who may be asked for help, I simply say make thorough investigation before you send! A number of faithful gospel preachers in the area, and reliable brethren who are acquainted with the facts can verify my statements. I will give you their names if you wish to investigate.