Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 26, 1956


Connie W. Adams, Decatur, Georgia

Carl Vernon, P. O. Box 512, Burnet, Texas, April 11: "The Burnet congregation is growing. Recently we have appointed additional elders and deacons, making us now have seven of each. They are all good men and the outlook for the work is bright. These brethren really believe in the truth that there is no substitute for preaching the gospel: we have four good meetings a year. Brother Luther Blackmon preached in our last meeting. He did his usual good job. Brother J. B. Hudson of Taft is to begin with us May 7, then Roy E. Stephens, former preacher here, will return for a meeting in August, along with our Vacation Bible School.

"Since the first of the year we have had 31 responses: three came from other congregations, fourteen restored, and fourteen baptized. Still other good prospects. This is my first report in nearly a year. I have been invited to return to El Campo for a meeting in October of this year."

Holt-Welsh Debate

Charles A. Holt of Franklin, Tennessee will meet D. L. Welsh of Pensacola, Florida, an outstanding debater for the United Pentecostal Church, in a four-night discussion, April 24-27. The debate will be held in Franklin, Tennessee. The first two nights 'The Godhead' will be discussed. The last two nights the subject will involve the baptism of the Holy Spirit and miraculous gifts. Everyone is invited to attend."

W. Earl Mansur, 19551 Welby Way, Reseda, California, April 5: "Two baptisms and one restoration were the visible results of the meeting with the Central church in San Jose. Otis Moyer and Eddie Brouillette are the two preachers for this church and were fine co-workers in this special effort. Our local work here at 7054 Winnetka Avenue in Canoga Park continues to be pleasant and on the increase."

Olen Holderby, Coalinga, California, April 9: "Yesterday we completed three years work with the brethren here. This third year has seen much accomplished. This past week we baptized five and one was restored. This has been a record year for the church in Coalinga. We moved into our new building January 8, this year, and additions for the year set a new high. The church is alive, unified, and enjoying peaceful progress. The community is awakening to the church. We have been able to break into the ranks of about every denomination in town, including a number of Catholics. We have not and shall not compromise the truth. We shall be working and praying for an even more productive year ahead."

W. Woodrow Allen, 174 South Anacapa, Ventura, California, March 27: "I have moved here to work with the church that meets at 174 Anacapa in Ventura. Three young people were baptized the last week of our stay in Albion, Nebraska. Three placed membership with the church here last week. We look forward to a good work in California. The church is growing in this area."

Herbert Harvel Knight, 806 Hopkins St., Yoakum, Texas, April 12: "I have been laboring with the church here for the past six months. Brother Bob L. Woodward of Trumann, Arkansas closed a very good meeting with us last night, resulting in one baptism and two restorations, bringing the total to four baptisms and three restorations since I have been here. I still have time for Gospel Meetings in the summer and fall of this year. I truly enjoy the Guardian."

Debate In Covington, Georgia

John Gasaway will meet J. T. Payne in debate May 2-5 at Covington, Georgia. Mr. Payne is of the Oneness Pentecostals and rather well known among his people. The debate will be conducted in the Junior High School gymnasium. Propositions cover the number of persons in the Godhead, baptism in the name of Jesus only, and miraculous works of the Holy Spirit. The writer will moderate for Brother Gasaway.