Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 19, 1956

Enoch Walked With God

Charles Hodge, Segovia; Texas

From Gen. 5:24 and Heb. 11:5 we learn a man named Enoch once Nourished upon the earth. Of this man we know next to nothing; not one striking, event is recorded upon the pages of inspiration. We do know that he was translated without death. Even concerning this we know not when, where, nor how; we do know why — he walked with God by faith, doing that which pleased Him. There is much to be gained, however, by a careful study of God's epitaph to this man. During these perilous times, when man-made innovations and promotional schemes are again threatening the unity of the church, we need this study above all.

How did he accomplish his feat? What did he do that attracted the acceptance of God?

(1) He had the desire to please God — to live as God wanted Him to live. To Enoch, it was not "Which way is the cheapest?" "Which will the people accept?"' "Which will make me a big preacher?" "Which will be the easiest and most convenient?" His desire was "How does God want it done?" Some brethren are running all over the country saying "God did not stipulate the how." They neither know the power of God, the scriptures, nor res toration history. The brotherhood today needs this deep-rooted desire; a careful study of God's Word is necessary!

(2) Enoch believed in God. With the scant testimony he had as contrasted with ours, Enoch's faith puts us to open shame. He followed the example of Abel and not that of Cain. The brotherhood today many times rejects God's way for man's way. The inevitable result is division, devastation, and desolation. When will we learn to believe in God? When will we stop substitution and addition? When will we learn to follow God rather than "big preachers"? We need to believe that God's way is the only way. "Oh, ye; of little faith."

(3) Enoch made a sincere effort to please God. Amos said this was impossible without agreement. If we would spend half the time and money given to promotional schemes of men to God's way miracles could be accomplished. How dare anyone say it cannot be done! Without money and numbers we think we are helpless; with them we think we are impregnable. As the Jews of old we have voided the word of God for the sake of custom. Since the desire, faith, and effort is wrong destruction awaits us. May God help us to desire His way, to believe His way, and to fulfill His way.