Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 22, 1956

What Will You Do?

James L. Finney, Dickson, Tennessee

Suppose that you learned there was a place in this world where babies were being born without food to sustain life — what would you do?

Suppose that their color and customs were distantly removed from yours but the cry of the babies for food was just as pitiful and helpless as the cry of your own — what would you do? Suppose that you saw an opportunity, that you could not go yourself but that you could share a portion of your material goods to messengers who would take the food and supply the needs of these dying babies — what would you do?

This would be a critical condition and I am sure you would furnish supplies for the messengers, and pray that they could make it in time to minister to the babies and comfort the mothers; but even if these should die before you reached them, their souls would be safe in eternity with God, after the starvation suffering of this life was over.

Now imagine that you convert hundreds in your community in the next few months (and this is a subject of your prayers, isn't it?) that most of them do not have Bibles in their homes, and a good proportion of them could not read if they did have them, that their customs and color are different from yours, but that they keep accepting the truth and pleading with you to teach them more, and are depending upon the personal contact you make with them carrying the spoken Word to feed their souls — what would you do? And these are souls, not physical babies who would be safe if they should die, but souls that have sinned, but have been redeemed by the blood of Christ, babes in Christ, and must have the Word, or perish — what would you do?

This is the story of Nigeria, British West Africa; 31,500,000 souls teeming in this distant sector of Africa. Hundreds are obeying the gospel, and hundreds have, and the cry is teachers! Who will go? Who will send? Brethren Jimmy Johnson, Howard Horton, Elvis Huffard, Eugene Peden and their families have been and returned, and the cry is the same. Brethren Lucien Palmer, B. E. Bawcom, Wendell Broom, Billy Nicks, their families and June Hobbs are all there now, and the plea is the same.

Here is an excerpt from a letter from Billy Nicks, January 14, 1956, "I have been on four appointments today, Saturday. Eight were baptized at one place and two at two other places. The most difficult problem seems to be the strengthening of the churches. Polygamy is very prevalent . . . May the Lord bless you in your efforts to be sped on your way to Nigeria. We will be anxiously awaiting good news from you in regard to your Progress."

From Wendell Broom, January 13, 1956, "There are scores of churches that are dying for lack of teaching, and two dozen of our graduates that are starving waiting for support. There just isn't an area in this work where help is not needed. Support, teaching, further training — all of it means that you must get here soon."

What would you do? What will you do? Will you help send me to Nigeria? The Sixth Street Church of Christ, Port Arthur, Texas has begun supporting us. You may feel free to write, or call, the elders there for any reference. Our passport has been granted, our visa hasbeen applied for, our things are being consolidated in New York for shipment.

'We need a Chevrolet Carryall, which is ordered, transportation to and from Nigeria for a family of five, a home there and furnishings, which will be used by the next man, money to operate vehicles in Nigeria to make appointments and get supplies (82 miles each way for food, etc.), a duplicating machine and other incidentals which will total about $15,000.00 Will you help us go? Can you, as an individual, send a contribution, large or small? Time is important. Could you elders meet for a few minutes, as soon as possible, and make a decision for this work? Would you sacrifice and send $100.00, $500.00, $1,000.00?

The Philippians supported Paul, (Phil. 4:14, 15) the Sixth Street Church in Port Arthur, Texas is supporting us. To the Corinthians Paul said, "I robbed other churches, taking wages of them, to do you service." (2 Cor. 11:8.) Will you help us so that we can minister to the Nigerians? Brother Paul Climer, of the Lawrence Avenue Church, is auditing my account. Do not hesitate to send your contributions with confidence to: James L. Finney, Finney-Nigerian Fund, 904 Lawrence Avenue, Nashville 4, Tennessee; or, James L. Finney, R.F.D. 4, Dickson, Tennessee. If you should desire I shall be happy to come and speak for you concerning this work. Just write me: R.F.D. 4, Dickson, Tennessee, or call for me, Dickson, Tennessee, 3051.

Brethren: eternity may reveal that you did not go, let it not reveal that you did not send!