Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 16, 1956

Those Orphan Boys In Kentucky

Irvine, Kentucky January 10, 1956

Mr. Fanning Yater Tant P. O. Box 980

Lufkin, Texas Dear Brother Tant:

I want to bring you and the many readers who wrote and telephoned up to date concerning the five little boys here in Irvine. The mother died (Dec. 16, 1955) before we could make any arrangements with her about the children. Now the father has all authority over them as far as adoption is concerned. I wrote him a letter and sent him the papers to sign for a family in Waco, Texas, to adopt them. I had a reply a few days back through the Protestant Chaplain. The father told him that his wife's death was such a shock to him that he wasn't ready yet to let the boys out for adoption. He will notify me when the father reaches a decision. All we can do is wait and see what the outcome will be. I will notify you when we know something definite.

Up to now when I would hear the brethren make the statement that if they had the chance they could place every orphan in our orphan homes in a Christian home in just a few months I looked upon the "assertion" with a wary eye. Now, I'm not only convinced that it could be done, but almost believe that I could do it.

In response to the editorial in the December 15, 1955 issue of the Gospel Guardian regarding the five boys, I received 22 letters and numerous telephone calls. I received letters and phone calls from Arizona, Texas, Alabama, Wisconsin, Arkansas, California, New Mexico, Missouri, Nevada, Kentucky, and Tennessee. There were 12 requests for all five of the children. As near as we were able to figure it up around 86 children could have been placed as a result of this one article. I wish we could publish several of the letters just to let people see how badly many Christian couples want to adopt children but cannot obtain them. When I hear brethren in an effort to defend our institutions talking about the 'poor little orphan children,' I think about all the poor childless couples desiring and pleading to adopt children but cannot because they are stuck off in some institution where they cannot be adopted.

I want to thank you and the many readers who responded so well to our plea. I just wish we could provide children for all those who wrote and called, but this is not possible. I intend to keep the many letters and addresses via telephone calls for future reference in case we hear of other children needing a home.

Thanks again!

Brotherly, Huston Gateley

P.S. The appearance of this and the former letter in the Guardian does not necessarily mean that I endorse all that is taught via the Gospel Guardian nor that I have joined up with any group. I endorse and appreciate truth that is taught by anyone. I doubt seriously that any of the other brotherhood papers would have published my letters.