Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 2, 1956

A Letter To Brother Oler

Mr. Gayle Oler C/O Boles Home Quinlan, Texas

Re: A Letter and A Dollar!

Dear Brother Oler:

I received some few days ago your letter and your dollar. However, after I talked with the Postmaster, I learned that that dollar wasn't yours, it was mine!

Having the dollar then, I wondered what to do with it. I did not want to use it selfishly, but wanted to see it put to some good use, possibly in helping others. I thought of the many needy orphan children who could use my dollar. As per your request, I considered the need at Boles Home. Yet being not in the least in sympathy with your ceaseless sponging from the Lord's treasury, with your untold detriment to the local responsibility of local congregations, with your incessant inconsistencies between your pleas and your practice, and with your unscrupulous fund-raising campaigns, I immediately decided not to send my dollar to Gayle Oler at Boles Home!

The church where I preach was caring for a widowed sister. I thought of her need and decided to apply my dollar to her support, but before I had taken such action, the dear sister departed this life, we believe, to be beyond all need and suffering.

I considered another possibility, but alas, someone had already beat me to it! What was it? Why, one brother had received THREE DOLLARS from the same source I had received my dollar, and he was going to put it to good use . . . . he was going to renew Gayle Oler's subscription in advance to the GOSPEL GUARDIAN with his three dollars!

After having considered the needs and uses to which I might put my dollar, I finally decided to add it to my contribution and put it in the treasury of the church here in Dickinson where I preach. I am sure the Lord is pleased with it there, and He might not have been had I used it somewhere else. May I thank you for sending me the dollar, which increased in that amount the contribution of the church here in Dickinson the Sunday of November 13, 1955.

I remain gratefully yours, For the Truth,

Ronnie Pope