Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 12, 1956
NUMBER 35, PAGE 12b,13b

Conversion Of Myong Nam Limb

J. W. Middleton, Sr., Oceanside, California

I have not reported through this or any other paper in more than a year. Recently something happened that cannot be kept. On October 5th of this year, Brother Douglas Holland came to the mid-week service in Oceanside, bringing with him a young man of Korean extraction, but who was reared in Japan. This young man was brought to this country under the sponsorship of the Methodist Church. He was president of a school in Japan which offers Typing, English and Bible. He has a B.A. degree.

After the study that Wednesday evening, I talked with this young man, and he agreed to come to my home and study the Bible as often as he could, for he was desiring the truth. We had our first study on October 10th. This study period lasted about four hours, and there were others to follow that were almost of equal length. To make long story short, we had about ten such periods of study. On the 14th of November I had the greatest experience of my preaching career, for I baptized Myong Nam Limb into Christ. The soul of this young man is of no more importance than that of any other person, but with his ability and the things he is planning for the future in Japan and Korea, make his conversion of far reaching consequence. Brother Limb is to enter one of the colleges where the Bible and Greek are taught and try to equip himself for a great work in the service of the Lord. He wants me to go to Japan with him and teach Bible in his school. I think I shall plan to do this.

When the Methodists learned what had happened, they began to do their worst. We had a meeting with them in the home of their preacher. There were four of them present, including the head of the Official Board. There were things said to me, and about the members of the church, that should not be said to anyone. For that reason, I shall not repeat them here. They seemed to think that we were interested for personal reasons. I tried to tell them it was the Lord's business and not a personal matter at all, but they could not understand this.

After this meeting, they decided to have the young man deported if possible. As can be expected from such, they waited until I had gone to work the next morning before making their move. Then they called my home and told Brother Limb they were taking him to Los Angeles to the Immigration Office and also to the Korean Consul General. Thus he was ordered to be ready immediately. I had anticipated their move, at least in part, so I told Mrs. Middleton to call Brother Elbridge Linn of San Diego and me if something should arise. This she did. We both went to Los Angeles, and were present with them at the hearing. Brother Douglas Holland also stayed out of school and went along. Again at this time, they renewed their attack upon me personally, and they included Brother Linn. Brother Elbridge Linn showed them by example what it means to be a Christian.

This young brother Myong Nam Limb is living in my home and going to college here in Oceanside. He will continue to do so until mid-term. Then he will begin his work for his Masters Degree, perhaps in Abilene. Brother Limb and I spend several hours studying the word of God each day. We are not studying about the Bible, but the Bible itself. The King's business is urgent. Haste must be made. Pray for us.