Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 5, 1956


Derrel W. Shaw, Box 2427, Philrich Branch, Borger, Texas: "Brother Tant's work in the Abilene debate is appreciated by those of us who want a 'thus saith the Lord' for-our authority. We are concluding two and one-half years pleasant work with the Groom, Texas, church to begin work on January 1 with the Bunavista congregation. Correspondents please note change of address. Those interested in the work in Groom may write to the elders."

Esten Macon, 211 Twin Oaks Rd., McMinnville, Tennessee, Dec. 6: "The work at Mt. Leo goes forward. Our radio programs are widely listened to. I am teaching six Bible classes per week. Harmony prevails among the churches here."

Jesse F. Wiseman, 1449 Brown St., Akron 1, 0hio, Dec. 14: "In the past four weeks at Brown Street church in Akron four have been baptized into Christ, one restored to first love, and two placed membership with us."

John Bullock, 1900 Turtle Creek Dr., Marshall, Texas, Dec. 13: "One was baptized, one confessed faults, and one was identified at the South Washington church Sunday. Every phase of the work is growing."

C. C. Doggett, 124 E. Center St., Canton, Mississippi, Dec. 13: "During the week of October 2-9, Brother Ross W. Dye of the Central congregation in Jackson, Miss., preached a series of gospel sermons here. During the first six months of this year one was restored to the fellowship of the church, and in the last two weeks two fine young people have been baptized into Christ. We have purchased a valuable piece of property m which to worship, and hope to erect a more suitable building when we are able. Central congregation of Jackson is supporting the work here in a very substantial way."

J. G. Savage, Lewisville, Texas, Dec. 15: "It has been previously reported that Brother Harry Pickup, Jr. would move with his family from Arizona where he has been preaching for several years to a farm near Grapevine to make his home and he would engage principally in holding gospel meetings; he recently made this move and the Lewisville church is happy that he and his family chose to worship with us. He has preached at one Sunday evening service and has taught a Bible class several times; he is sound in the faith; a good student of God's word and a capable proclaimer of the gospel. Any church will be edified, builded up and strengthened by his preaching and he will do well, his part, in any gospel meeting; he is full of zeal and enthusiasm and he should be used every day. If you need his services, either for a meeting or for a Sunday appointment which he will be available for when not engaged in a meeting, you may contact him by writing to Box 67, Grapevine, Texas; he will not have a phone until after the first of the year but if you wish to contact Mm in a hurry, you may call me at Lewisville: Kestone 9-4311 and I will contact him and advise him to contact you. Our work in Lewisville moves along, not in a sensational way, but a spirit of love prevails in the work of faith; one young lady was baptized last Wednesday night. Brother Ralph Givens is a good student of God's word."

Foy W. Vinson, Decatur, Texas, Dec. 6: "The elders of the congregation in Decatur, Texas have decided to support me in two meetings this coming year in some needy field where the church is unable to support such. If you are in need of such a meeting please contact the Elders, c/o Church of Christ, Decatur, Texas and include information concerning your particular situation."

A NEW CONGREGATION AT MONROE, LOUISIANA Floyd A. Decker, 1811 Jackson St. Monroe, Louisiana, Dec. 12: "December 4th was a big day for the church of our Lord in Monroe. Eighty-one people were present for the first worship service of the College Church which meets in the auditorium of the Northeast Louisiana State College. They have the privilege of using other rooms of the college buildings for their Bible class work on Sundays. For the time being the College Church will meet at 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Sunday Bible class period will follow at 9:45 a.m. This arrangement allows the writer to serve both congregations until further developments. The College Church was promoted by the Jackson Street congregation as a means to reach a very fine section of Monroe. The elders at Jackson Street led in the movement. After two Lord's days we find attendance and offerings at both places very gratifying. The congregation at Jackson and Texas Streets gave up about sixty members to this work. The congregation in West Monroe contributed several members to make this work possible. The cause of Christ in North Louisiana 'Is On the March'!"