Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 5, 1956
NUMBER 34, PAGE 14-15a

The Overflow

F. Y. T.

That Abilene Discussion

No doubt many will be writing about the recent discussion in Abilene. Suffice it to say that from our point of view, the discussion there was better in every way than the one in Lufkin. The attendance was probably twice as great (not less than 1400 present any night, and perhaps 1700 present two nights). The spirit shown on both sides was in keeping with the gravity of the occasion; there was less tension than in Lufkin. And we believe real progress was made toward unity on what the Bible teaches. Brother Harper gladly agreed to meet this writer in still a third discussion. We hope announcement can soon be made as to the time and place for such. About a thousand gospel preachers were in attendance from all parts of the nation — truly a wonderful gathering of sincere and consecrated men!

"Exactly As Described ...."

A little squib from the Dallas Morning News is sent us by Brother Charles Hodge of Seagoville, Texas. It reads: "The Church of Christ people have been running a lot of their national advertising campaign from Dallas. They recently branched out in the big national magazines. This, unfortunately, resulted in the following ad in a recent Portland Oregonian: 'What Is the Church of Christ? Exactly as Described In the Bible and the November Issue of Coronet'."

From A 'Young' Preacher

Tempus fidgets! It was only five years ago that Brother G. H. P. Showalter referred to this writer as "young editor Yater." And now comes a "young" preacher in Oklahoma City (he says he is young) giving us "the works" through the pages of the Gospel Advocate, and he thinks the editor of the Guardian is one of the "old" men. Alas, and slack! We are at that awkward "in-between" age when the octogenarians think we're too young to know anything, and the "young" brethren think we are practically senile with years. Well, just to set the record straight, we checked the "Preacher's Blow-book" (Preachers of Today), and find' out that we are approximately thirteen years and two months older than the "young" preacher who took us to task. Ha.

Steadily Climbing

It will greatly encourage our friends to know that the individual paid subscriptions to the Gospel Guardian are steadily increasing. We have received more NEW subscriptions to the Gospel Guardian in the last six or seven months than we received in the five years previous. We still don't have that "100,000"; but at least we are headed in that direction! And, once again, our sincere gratitude to all those who are helping. Quite a number of gospel preachers are sending in subscriptions regularly — we mean every month. Some send only two or three a month; others more; and one preacher has set himself the goal of fifty new subs a. month. We thank you, one and all.

What's In A Name?

"Anent your penchant for odd names of churches: John Gunther in his Inside Africa lists two found in the Union of South Africa, 'Castor Oil Deal Church' and 'George VI Win the War Hallelujah Apostolic Church.' The Getwell and Dunn Streets church in Memphis, where I lead singing, used to be "Shotwell"; but the sick veterans in nearby Kennedy Hospital objected, and the name of the street was changed." (Kenneth Jowell, Memphis, Tennessee)

A many splendored thing

Those who attended the Abilene discussion had many comments to make concerning the involved and elaborate argument of Brother Thomas B. Warren, on which Brother Harper relied, and which proved to be so disastrous when its fatal weakness was exposed. What with charts, graphs, mimeographed explanations and outlines, syllogisms, constituent elements and component parts, the argument was a many splendored thing. James W. Adams will give a complete and detailed review of it in the Gospel Guardian soon.

Tant-Harper To Be Published

The Abilene discussion between Yater Tant and E. R. Harper is in process of being published now. Pre-publication price on the book is $3.00. It will sell for $3.75 after publication. All orders to us now should have remittance accompanying them. The book will include as a part of it the little tract, "How N.T. Churches Can, and Can Not Cooperate; Or, What Is Wrong With Herald of Truth?". Order your copy now from the Gospel Guardian.

Who Paid The Bill?

One of the most sharply contested questions at Abilene was, "Whose work is Herald of Truth — is it peculiarly, particularly, specifically and exclusively the work of Highland Church, or is it in reality a 'brotherhood' work?" Brother Harper said this question could be easily answered if we would determine who pays the bill for the program, Highland, or other churches? The work belongs to whoever pays the bill for it. Which question brought forth this note from Ervin Driskill: "Returning from the Abilene debate a carload of preachers (Charles Crouch, R. A. Ginn, Hugh Davis, Hollis Creel, Hiram Hutto and Ervin Driskill) ate lunch in Vicksburg, Mississippi. When the waitress brought the checks for the meal, each of us counted out his proportionate share, and turned the money over to Charles Crouch, and he gave it to the cashier. Question: 'Who paid the bill'?"

Colton, California

"The brethren in Colton asked me to write you to see if you might know of a preacher who would be in a position to move there and work with them. It will have be some man who has income from some other source, or who can interest some congregation in supporting him, as Colton is only able to pay about $100.00 per month. The church there began meeting only a year ago last August, but have fine prospects for growth. They have lots about paid for and plan to put up their own building in 1956. If you know of someone who might come, have him write me." John W. Wilson, 1855 Roxbury Drive, San Bernardino, California.

A Trivial Matter

The way some of the "promotin' the' brethren" are describing their ventures as harmless, innocent little projects reminds us of the old story of the bank robber who was standing trial. The judge fastened a suspicious eye on him and asked, "Have you ever been in trouble before?" "Coitn'ly not," was the vehement reply, "and the only t'ing dey're tryin' to pin on me dis time is robbin' me kid brudder's bank." "If I may be permitted to interrupt," spoke up the district attorney, "the prisoner neglected to explain that his kid brother is cashier of the First National Trust."


The new preacher looked at Deacon Canfield coldly and said, "I'm told you went to the ball game instead of church Sunday." "That's a lie," cried the Deacon hotly, "and I've got the fish to prove it."