Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 15, 1955


W. E. Fortney, 162 Harrison Street, Clarksburg, West Virginia, Nov. 23, 1955: "I just closed a short meeting with the little congregation at Wallace, W. Va. This congregation is just a little over one year old but is making good progress. Bro. Russell King preaches for these brethren and supports himself financially. He has baptized several in the last few months. There was one baptism during our meeting. Many new members are interested."

Doyle Banta, 1309 9th Ave., S. E., Decatur, Alabama, Dec. 1: "In November I conducted a meeting at Trinity, Ala. with no additions. Here at Somerville Road we have had 8 by membership and 2 adults baptized."

Robert Goodman, Madisonville, Texas, Dec. 2: "In the last two Sunday services we have had 2 restorations and 3 baptisms. Our Bible class attendance is running 15-20% over last year. I am entering my third year of work here."

Wendel Scott, Pecos, Texas, Nov. 30: "During the month of November 63 Mexican nationals were baptized here in Pecos, making a total of 230 the past two and one-half months."