Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 8, 1955
NUMBER 31, PAGE 14b-15


Edward J. Craddock, 1714 Cass, Nashville, Tennessee, Nov. 21: "The meeting with the Central church, Peoria, Illinois, conducted in the downtown labor temple, resulted in nine baptisms. The College Avenue meeting, El Dorado, Arkansas, is off to a good start.'

W. Earl Mansur, 19551 Welby Way, Reseda, California, Nov. 21: "We closed a meeting here last night in which Roy Lanier did the preaching. There were no visible results. Our work is moving along in peace and harmony. We have just purchased a house for the preacher and are now making plans for additional class rooms. When in this area worship with us at 7054 Winnetka Avenue."

John D. Barnes. Box 7, Gainesville, Missouri: "We moved to Gainesville September 1, 1955 to work with the church in the heart of the Ozarks. The brethren are willing to work and we are looking forward to much good being accomplished. In and around Gainesville there are some factions. There is the Ketcherside, Garrett element, and the Homer King group and then there are some of the Sommerites, so I am fortifying my defense. and am set for the defense of the gospel of Christ. We had a fine eight day meeting the first of October with capacity crowds, and questions for consideration at each service. I was requested to preach on Why the Church of Christ Does Not Use Instrumental Music and many from the Christian Church attended. We feel that much good was done. November 27, I begin with Cliff Stewart and the church in Mountain Grove, Missouri. When visiting in the beautiful Ozarks, worship with us."

Eugene Britnell, Box 83, Tuckerman, Arkansas, Nov. 23: "During the past few weeks we have had nine baptisms and three restorations here. Under the leadership of four. capable elders, this congregation is united and making good progress in the Lord's work. Brother O. C. Lambert will be here on Sunday night, December 11, to lecture on Roman Catholicism. We anticipate a large audience and an interesting lesson. Every Christian and freedom-loving person in America should read Brother Lambert's book `Catholicism Against Itself'."

Farris J. Smith, 1744 Steiner Avenue, S.W., Birmingham, Alabama, Nov. 23: "Roy E. Cogdill closed a nine day meeting at Berney Points November 8. Every sermon was outstanding and we believe the church was greatly strengthened. One was baptized. At one service Brother Cogdill spoke on 'Congregational Cooperation' at the request of the elders. From the comments heard concerning this service I am confident that any church would do well to have such a service."

Vestal Chaffin, Box 84, Bruceton, Tennessee, Nov. 19: "I was in a meeting with the East Side Central church in Detroit, Michigan, October 30 through November 10. Two were baptized and four were restored. I worked with this fine congregation almost five years, 1943-1948. They have made wonderful progress for the past few years. Connie Wyatt is completing almost three years work with them. Ernest O. Stewart will be the regular preacher beginning the last of this month. Three have been baptized here recently. We have completely remodeled, added more rooms and brick-veneered our church building here this fall. Don Kester will do the preaching in our fall meeting beginning December 5. Worship with us when passing this way."

Debate At Fayetteville, Arkansas Dec. 5 Through Dec. 9

A debate on the Bible Class question will be conducted at the church building at the corner of Center and Locust Streets in Fayetteville, Arkansas, December 5th through the 9th. The discussions will begin each evening at 7:30. Kermit Lynch of El Reno, Oklahoma, and Ralph Gage of Fort Smith, Arkansas will represent the Anti-Class brethren. F. I. Stanley of Midland, Texas, and Joe L. Banks of Fayetteville, Arkansas will represent the brethren who believe in the study of the Bible in Bible Classes. Modified regulation college rules will be used throughout the discussion. A chief moderator will direct the debate and see that everything goes off smoothly.

— Joe L. Banks

Debate On Masonry

Beginning December 5th to run for four nights, there will be a public discussion on Masonry, between Brother Royce Ingersoll of Hutchins, Texas and Brother W. B. Andrews, preacher for the church on Storey Street in Dallas, Texas. These discussions will begin at 7:30 p.m., and will be conducted in the Kaufman Highway church building, located at 7605 Second Avenue, Dallas, Texas.

The following propositions have been signed: Proposition No. 1

"One cannot scripturally be an active member of the Masonic Lodge and remain in fellowship with the New Testament Church."

Affirm: Royce Ingersoll Deny: W. B. Andrews

Proposition No. 2

"One may scripturally be a member of the Masonic Lodge and at the same time remain in fellowship with the Church of the New Testament."

Affirm: W. B. Andrews Deny: Royce Ingersoll

— H. C. McCaghren

Spur Church Of Christ Announces The Following Lecture Program

Beginning December 5, Continuing Through December 9 7:00 O'clock P.M.


Monday, December 5th:

"First Principles of Oracles of God" Mid McKnight, Evangelist and Farmer, Hale Center, Texas.

Tuesday, December 6th:

"Speaking the Truth in Love"

M. Norvel Young,

Minister, Broadway Church of Christ, Lubbock, Texas.

Wednesday, December 7th: "Personal Evangelism" Don H. Morris, President. Abilene Christian College

Abilene, Texas

Thursday, December 8th:

"Behaviour Which Becometh Holiness"

Reuel Lemmons,

Editor, Firm Foundation, Austin, Texas.

Friday, December 9th:

"The Church In God's Eternal Purpose"

Norman Gipson,

Minister, Church of Christ, Grand Prairie, Texas.

Bill Cavender, Box 309, Cooper, Texas, Nov. 6: "Roy Deaver of Fort Worth recently did some excellent preaching in a meeting at Nocona, Texas. One obeyed the Gospel, two were restored. My work at Nocona came to an end on October 21st. During my stay there, thirty-four became Christians, 22 were restored and 20 placed membership. They have started construction of a new auditorium, seating about 600 people. On November 1st, we returned to Cooper, Texas, to work with the good church here a second time."

Joe H. Morris, Rt. 6, Benton, Kentucky, Nov. 7: "Don Gore, Jimmy Sturgeon and I closed a good meeting at Hardyville, Kentucky, November 2nd. This was my thirteenth and last meeting of the year. Attendance and results were good in most every meeting. Total results were good-45 baptized, 67 restored, and 10 identified. The Hardyville boys did a fine job directing the singing. Our work at Sharpe has begun in a fine way. Two large audiences yesterday with two identified, 220 in Bible School and $278.67 contributed. We look forward keenly to a profitable work in the Lord's kingdom here."

W. E. McNeely, Box 431, McFarland, California, Nov. 1: "Four baptized, three restored recently. Our new meeting house is now under construction. I am beginning my second year here, and with enlarged facilities, look forward to a greater work. I have recently preached for the churches in Madera, Lindsey, and Wasco, California."

F. B. Shepherd, 1926 Makiki St., Honolulu, Hawaii, Nov. 2: "I had the privilege of baptizing a newly wed couple Lord's Day, October 30th. Our growth is slow here with Buddhists, Shintoists, as well as Catholics and Protestants of all stripes. House to house work is difficult but we continue to work and pray. I shall be on the Mainland during January and February. Would like to preach in two meetings and arrange some Lord's Day appointments. I may be reached at 2324 Clearview, Fort Worth, Texas. The church here has just 'purposed' the most pretentious program of work in its history. We crave your prayers and continued interest in the activities for our Lord here."

Woodrow Plyler, Lucedale, Mississippi, Nov. 11: "After three years with this congregation my work here will terminate on November 15th. On November 20th I will begin work with the church in Homer, Louisiana. I appreciate the stand the Guardian takes on the issues that are disturbing the peace of the brotherhood today. More power to it to expose all kinds of error and isms."

Jasper Hilliard, 802 N. Decatur, Malden, Missouri, Nov. 7: "We have had two baptisms and four restorations since our last report. The new church building which cost approximately $32,000.00 was recently paid for and in less than two years. The congregation here has also helped some other places build. A new preachers home was purchased about a month ago. Other equipment has been secured to make the work more profitable and pleasant."


A four nights' debate in Indianapolis, Indiana, between Guy N. Woods and W. Curtis Porter, on the Benevolent Work of the Church — Involving Our Orphan Homes and Homes for the Aged — will begin on January 3, 1956.


A six nights debate in Lexington, Kentucky, between Julian O. Hunt of the Christian Church and W. Curtis Porter, on Instrumental Music and the Name of the Church, will begin on March 26, 1956.