Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 1, 1955


F. Y. T.

Report On Jewish Evangelization In The New York Metropolitan Area

Gus Winter, 63 Church Road, Levittown, L. I.: "During September and October have contacted over 200 homes and business places, distributed over 1000 church bulletins, over 300 tracts and gospel papers and placed 25 Old Testament Prophecy Edition of the New Testament in the hands of Jewish readers. A surprisingly large number of Jews were friendly, willing to discuss religious issues and eager to accept gospel tracts. Have spoken at seven mid-week services, taught an adult Bible class eight successive Sundays, preached at East Meadow, L. I. when called on, besides keeping up with a heavy correspondence and editing the East Meadow church bulletin. Your reporter receives no salary from the East Meadow church, but is dependent for his support on voluntary contributions of churches and individuals interested in evangelizing the more than three million Jews of this metropolitan area. Send for my lecture 'The Messiah Has Come' postpaid for one dime, and free copy of our church bulletin 'The Faithful Word,' together with further information about this challenging, long neglected and important pioneer missionary undertaking."

M. A. Mansur, 1405 Richardson, Columbia, Missouri, Nov. 14: "The work here at the Paris Road Church continues in a very fine way. Interest and attendance good, and the contribution was $201.38 yesterday. This is exceptionally good considering that about seventy percent of our members are college students. I will have time for two or three Gospel meetings during 1956. We desire an interest in the prayers of the faithful, and when traveling, stop and worship with us."

Doyle Banta, 1309 - 9th Ave., S.E., Decatur, Alabama, Oct. 31: "Since August 1st I have conducted meetings at Resters Chapel (no additions); Valley View, with 21 baptized and 12 restored; Taft, Tennessee, with six baptized; Carriger, with one restored; Charleston, West Virginia (Park at Main), with four baptized and five restored. F. S. Harper was a fine co-worker in that meeting. At Somerville Road we have had six by membership, five baptized and four restored. A. J. Rollings conducted our fall meeting."