Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 17, 1955


The Gospel Guardian of September 16, 1955, carried an article by Brother Nolon N. Wallace of Whitesboro, Texas. entitled, "Disguised Monster." It pointed out the evils of Institutionalism and the "sponsoring church" hobby. In the Gospel Guardian of October 27, we carried a brief item from Brother Chester R. Gaddie calling attention to Brother Wallace's article, and stating that he and others at Whitesboro did not support "this heresy." We considered the report an endorsement of Brother Wallace's fine article, and were glad to know that Brother Gaddie and others there agreed with Wallace in his condemnation of the "heresy" of institutionalism and the sponsoring church. Now we are informed that Brother Gaddie did not make himself clear, and that what he meant to say was that he did not agree with Wallace's exposure of the heresy of institutionalism. But just to set matters right, Brother Walter P. Mackoy, an elder of the church at Whitesboro, writes us that the church at Whitesboro stands solidly for the "old paths"; that Nolon Wallace is a faithful and loyal preacher of the truth, who will not compromise with error, in spite of any pressure or threats that factious elements may bring against him. We hope this clears the matter up for all concerned.