Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 3, 1955
NUMBER 26, PAGE 14-15a

The Overflow

F. Y. T.

New Twist

Over in Tennessee we hear they have given a new twist to the old saying, "If you can't lick 'em, join 'em." The way they are saying it now is, "If you can't lick 'em, quarantine 'em."

"On The March"

Not long ago a preacher in a Texas city made the announcement through his bulletin that the church where he is preaching had made up its mind that it was going to "join those churches that are definitely On The March." This preacher has been working with that church for fifteen or twenty years. And that led somebody to wonder just what that church was going to begin doing now that they haven't been doing all these years? And if they haven't been doing it, why not? The answer wasn't long in forthcoming. The next few issues of the bulletin revealed that this preacher was "marching" in hunt of a new job!

Woods-Porter Debate

The discussion between W. Curtis Porter and Guy N. Woods on the institutional orphan home issue is now definitely agreed upon. It will be in Indianapolis, Indiana, probably early in January. Definite announcement as to time will be made later.

It Happened In Texas

A few weeks ago in a south Texas town the preacher called on a brother to lead the prayer. It was a new experience for this man. He said a few words and then bogged down. After a long, painful silence he nudged the man next to him and said, "You finish this prayer." Again a painful silence, then the man who was nudged stage-whispered back, "Brother, I can't finish that one. I'll have to start a new one!"

From San Diego

Brother James Medlin from San Diego, California, sends us the name of a church in his city: "Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Patriarchal Church, In the Name of Virgin Mary of Kazan."

No More Cancellations

Brethren have asked us if any more "trigger-happy" elders have cancelled meetings this writer had scheduled with them since we reported five cancellations last spring. No; not a single cancellation since then. And two of the churches that cancelled put out "feelers" as to whether we'd be willing to book them at some future date. Maybe the "quarantine" promoters aren't going to isolate us after all! Meetings scheduled for 1956? We have eighteen promised thus far, twelve of them in places where we have been before; six in new places. This is about normal for us at this time of year, as we have never been in such terrific demand that we had "time solidly filled for seven years in advance" as we hear some of our brethren are claiming.

To The Preacher Boys

It has been our custom each year to send the Gospel Guardian complimentary to all the preacher boys in the various schools conducted by our brethren. If you know of any in this group who are not receiving the paper, and who desire it, send us their names and addresses, and we will put them on the list. Thanks! Each school year we have between eight hundred and a thousand on the list.

Guy N. Woods On "Equality" Versus Roy Lanier

" 'For I say not this that others may be eased and ye distressed; but by equality: your abundance being a supply at this present time for their want, that their abundance also may become a supply for your want; that there may be equality.' The apostle did not wish to take money from the Corinthians that they might be impoverished, and the church in Jerusalem enriched; his idea was that out of the supply which they possessed and did not need, they could fill up the wants of the Jerusalem brethren that equality might exist. That such equality is approved of God is shown in the manner of the distribution of the manna in the wilderness. (Ex. 16:17, 18.)" — (Gospel Advocate Quarterly, 1950.)


Judging from some articles we've been reading in another gospel paper in the land, we think we know a brother who would admirably fill the old politician's definition of an egghead: "A person with both feet planted firmly in the air."

Need A Preacher?

We are in touch with a fine gospel preacher who would like to move to a new work. In his late twenties, with an excellent record, he is sound in his teaching and in his life. His faithful wife and two or three small children complete the family. Faithful to the truth, energetic and zealous in his work, humble and unassuming in spirit, we believe he will do good for the cause of Christ wherever he goes. Will be glad to give his name and address to any who may be interested.


Don't forget the date for the Abilene discussion — Nov. 28 - Dec. 1. Brethren are coming from all over the nation. This bids fair to be one of the most historic dates in our generation.

"Send Me A Dollar" Racket

Brother Gayle Oler has taken another leaf from the high-pressure promoters and charity racketeers, and is now sending out a batch of letters with a dollar bill enclosed, asking all who receive the letter to put another dollar (or more) with the enclosed dollar, and return to him. We know one preacher who received the dollar, put another dollar with it, and then gave both dollars to a worthy and needy family in his neighborhood. Not such a bad idea!

Here And There

Things are getting sort of hot over the country. In north Texas a little congregation under the goading and pressure of its preacher withdrew from two men who opposed "Herald of Truth." Every other church in the city (five or six, including some which contribute to "Herald of Truth") immediately invited these two men to place membership. In Indiana a faithful preacher in a gospel meeting preached on "The Identity of the Church." One point in the marks of identification was "organization." The local preacher, a "sponsoring church" hobbyist, expressed keen regret that such a subject would be used in a gospel meeting! The congregation deeply resented his uncalled for remarks, and let their feelings be known. In California some "sponsoring church" hobbyists demanded that their elders fire the preacher who had dared criticize "Herald of Truth." The elders refused to fire him, so these hobby-riders "withdrew" (?) from the elders in open rebellion and now have their own little faction, and are trying to gain recognition among the churches of California. And meanwhile contributions to "Herald of Truth" declined from $51,792.00 in July, 1954, to $21,552.00 in August of 1955. And so the story goes.