Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 3, 1955

Matters Of Expediency

Chester Estes, Sheffield, Alabama

An expedient must expedite. But, the expedient must expedite the work of the Lord. Do not assume a thing is the work of the Lord — prove it is the work of the Lord. Proof comes by chapter and verse citation, pointing out an approved example, or by necessary inference. Necessary inference means more than a logical inference. When a thing is taught by the necessary inference method it is in harmony with what the Bible teaches by precept or approved example. Necessary inference means the only conclusion that can be reached. As an illustration: Baptism is a burial in water and a resurrection. (Rom. 6:3, 4; Col. 2:12.) When the eunuch was baptized, he was buried in water and raised (necessary inference). Some people try to expedite things that are not authorized in the first place.

An expedient should be essential and effective — otherwise, it does not expedite. A program that is justified on the ground that it is an expedient would do more for the money than any other program. I wonder if the souls saved per capita per dollar by Herald of Truth compares with the souls converted by gospel preachers, allowing $4,000.00 a year for each gospel preacher. If $545,000 were divided by 4,000 that would support 136 gospel preachers. If 136 gospel preachers baptized 30 persons each during a year, that would be 4,080 people converted. If Herald of Truth could claim 4,000 converted in a year, do you not think its supporters would tell it in no uncertain terms? Wonder how many Herald of Truth converts during a year. I am of the opinion some single gospel preacher led more to Christ in a year than Herald of Truth. Why this institution, if not for show?