Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 3, 1955
NUMBER 26, PAGE 13b,15b


B. J. Thomas, Mt. Pleasant, Texas, Oct. 21: "Brother Yater Tant closed a very fine meeting at the Southside congregation here in Mt. Pleasant Sunday night. Widespread interest was manifested throughout, and on Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock a special service was held. Brother Tant spoke to a large audience on the subject, "How New Testament Churches Can, and Cannot, Cooperate." In this he clearly pointed out the New Testament pattern and at the same time showed that the "sponsoring church" type of cooperation is unscriptural. Twenty-two preachers were present, as well as many elders and brethren from over northeast Texas. After the sermon an "open forum" discussion was conducted. Participating in the discussion were brethren Yater Tant. Lufkin: Gayle Oler. Boles Home: Victor Sellers. Mineola: Wilburn Whittington, Mt. Pleasant; Ed Grantham. Paris; and Robert Turner; Gladewater. In such brotherly discussions as these lies the real hope for the church in the future."

Herbert Harvel Knight. 806 Hopkins Street. Yoakum, Texas, Oct. 21: "I have recently moved to Yoakum to work with this good congregation. I was discharged from the Army September 13, 1955 and accepted the work here. We have a membership of about 100 and have about 150 in attendance on Sunday. One was baptized into Christ last Lord's day evening. I have time for meetings next year in the Spring. Summer and Fall. If I can be of service to any congregation in meeting work please contact me."

Joe H. Morris, Route 6, Benton, Kentucky, Oct. 14: "I closed a most pleasant meeting with Cave City (Ky.) church last night. Two were baptized. Crowds were large, visitors were many, and the cooperation of neighboring congregations was marvelous. Brother Huey Hartsell, the local preacher, directed the singing. He is among the best singers and co-workers. He is respected for his firm stand for truth and tireless work. I begin my last meeting of the year at Hardyville the 24th."

Choice L. Bryant, 165 S. 15th St., Salem, Oregon, Oct. 15: "One more baptism in the Keizer congregation (suburb to Salem) last Sunday. This was a grown man, father and husband and hereby one in Christ with his wife who was baptized two weeks before. Also one transfer of membership recently."

Marvine Kelley, Del Rio, Texas: "Haven't sent in a report in some time. Have been busy trying to locate and after locating, busy setting a new congregation in order. On the 21st of August a group of 44 members began a new congregation in Del Rio known as the Northside Church of Christ. The group has grown to 75 now and included in that number is a former Deacon of the Baptist Church and his wife whom I baptized in the San Felipe spring. That was the fifth baptism in six weeks. The attitude of this man is that maybe some one else in the Baptist Church will read the paper and learn that one of the leaders in that unscriptural organization came out of it and obeyed the gospel of Christ. At present we are meeting in the Fireman's Hall but plans are under way to build a new building not later than the holiday season. It is a pleasure to work with a group not plagued with the institutional ideas of centralized control and races for Sunday school attendance. When in Del Rio worship with us."

Guthrie Dean, Ruston, Louisiana, Oct. 18: "Brother W. C. Quillen of Halleyville, Alabama has just closed a meeting with us at the West California Avenue church in Ruston. Even though there was no visible results, Brother Quillen preached sermons that greatly edified the church. Several outsiders attended with regularity. Last Lord's day about 300 were present for worship and in the evening service a young man came forward to renounce the errors of the First Christian Church and to be identified with the work here. At the time of this writing I am making plans for a gospel meeting at Judsonia, Arkansas where I once preached for four years."

Mack Kercheville, Box 3487, El Paso, Texas, Oct. 21: "My father, W. A. Kercheville, veteran Gospel preacher, had a severe stroke September 6th, and has been in serious condition since then. He and mother are now in El Paso, living at 3608 Bisbee Street. They would be glad to hear from all their friends."

Whitehall, Columbus, Ohio

C. D. Plum Please note my new address: 142 Beechbank, Road, Columbus 13, Ohio.

Virtually five pleasant years with the 3361 W. Broad church in Columbus, Ohio is now history. This is a fine church, with brothers Gale Reeder and Elmer Flannery, as faithful elders. I was and am deeply appreciative of the help of God and Jesus, and the help of the brethren, in the W. Broad Street work. It was a fruitful work. I shall continue to preach every other Lord's day at W. Broad, and at Whitehall, until Brother Atkinson, of Dayton, relieves me no later than the first of the year.

The work in Whitehall, in Columbus, is potentially good. The very life and progress of this Whitehall work will depend on the willingness of the Whitehall brethren to push forward peacefully, and by all means, scripturally. Many families live in the Whitehall vicinity, who at present are not thinking strongly enough of making Whitehall their church home. Families of the church I mean. Preaching the gospel in Whitehall, and establishing the church here on a more permanent basis, is God's will.

At present the church in Whitehall meets in the "Town" or "Club Hall," at Barnett Road and E. Main (Route 40). Visitors are welcome. Some progress, though it is slow because of being held up by a failure to get the abstract promptly, is being made toward securing lots on which to build. Some good substantial help like prayers and money from those who love the Lord will greatly speed the work here.

W. Broad is supporting me here, and Whitehall is caring for my living accommodations. I would like to see this work through here, but here as elsewhere, how long I stay will depend upon the willingness of the brethren to attend services, cooperate, and pull together.

Ross O. Spears, Tompkinsville, Kentucky: "Franklin T. Puckett of Florida Christian College has just closed a very fine meeting here with five baptisms and two restorations. His preaching was of the high standard he is so capable of doing and we expect more results in the future from his teaching."

Bible Forum In Odessa, Texas

Tommy Kelton Bible Forum is a weekly Television program presented over KMID-TV every Sunday afternoon from 2:30-3:00. On this forum questions that are called in by our viewers are answered plainly from the scriptures. In fact, so plainly that the denominational preachers of this area have done everything possible to get the program taken off the station. A few weeks ago fifteen Baptist preachers went out to the station and put so much pressure on the manager that we were put off until a new policy of selling religious time could be worked out. This policy has been completed and thus far we have been the only ones to buy the time that has been made available. This showed conclusively that the denominational preachers were more interested in getting us of f than they were to buy time.

The program is introduced with the following wording. "The Bible Forum, presented by the Southside Church of Christ, the Northside Church of Christ, and the Eisenhower Church of Christ." When the announcer says Bible Forum an open Bible is flashed on the screen and when each congregation is named the name and address is pictured. This program costs $65.00 per week and this cost is divided three ways. The bill is divided three ways at the station and a bill is sent to each congregation. The bill is paid directly to KMID-TV. The elders of each congregation view the program and a copy is presented to each. No congregation receives any funds for the program or has oversight of it. Jimmy Wood is under the Northside elders, Paul Rogers under the Eisenhower elders, and I am under the Southside elders.

I write this to make it known how the program is carried on so that any who would desire to comment pro or con may have the facts at hand. If such be unscriptural I would appreciate having the error pointed out.

Willis G. Jernigan, Box 573, Bowie, Texas, Oct. 22: "The Lord willing I shall begin work with the Hillcrest church of Corpus Christi, Texas, November 27th. Brother Truman Spring, who has done a fine work at Hillcrest, will begin with the Central church in Amarillo, Texas, November 20th."