Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 27, 1955
NUMBER 25, PAGE 13b-14


W. D. Black, Event, Texas, Oct. 10: "I am able to go and preach now. I preached at Bertram the fourth Sunday in September, met many old friends and brethren in the Lord, and enjoyed the visit with them very much. Yesterday, October 9th, I preached at Hamilton, Texas, in the absence of Brother W. P. Dennis, the regular minister, who was in a meeting in San Antonio — good crowds at both morning and evening services. Brother Dennis is doing a good work at Hamilton and is loved and respected by all. If I can serve you call me."

T. J. Ruble, 510 West Thompson, Temple, Texas, Oct. 10: "One was baptized, one restored, and three to place membership here at the Central Church of Christ yesterday. If you have friends or relatives at the Veterans Hospital here in Temple and desire us to visit them please call or write us."

Chester R. Gaddie, Whitesboro, Texas, Sept. 22: "In regard to an article published on page six of The Gospel Guardian, September 15, 1955, Volume 7, Number 19, entitled 'Disguised Monster' by Nolon N. Wallace, I would like for the brethren throughout the world to know that I do not support this heresy. A good number of faithful brethren here at Whitesboro do not go for this great Untruth either."

Jesse Lewis, 223 W. Wyoming, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Oct.: "For the benefit of many who may not know the situation here, and are listening to Bishop Johnson as he sounds off about no preacher having the courage to meet him, I would like to say a few words. The best we have been able to get out of him is that he let me speak twenty minutes to 2800 of his followers Labor Day. We had to hand out letters and tracts at his convention, in his church building, and all over the neighborhood all directions from the church to get this. He allowed me and Dan Large to answer questions (he called it that) after my speech. He just stands there and yells you down. He has five or six henchmen around at all times to rough you up if you get out of line. He forced me to leave the building out through all of his group or get hurt trying some other door. We have done, and are doing, everything in the world except fight him to get him to debate. Actually he will not and CANNOT do so. You preachers come on up if you like, but mark my word, you are wasting your traveling fare."

Choice L. Bryant, Salem, Oregon: "For five years I have been living in Salem, Oregon and working with and under the direction of the Central church in Salem; the first three and three-fourths years (of the five years) I served the Salem church as its resident evangelist. Beginning in June, 1954 the Central church began a mission program which involved the services of a full-time preacher in addition to the resident evangelist; and as a consequence Brother John H. Beebe was selected as the additional preacher. Between the two of us the Salem brethren decided John should serve as resident evangelist and I should answer the many calls for special campaigns (singing schools and gospel meetings) a very high percent of which were 'mission efforts.' We believe such a work is a worthy one, and fills a very definite need, and we have been operating that type of mission program, closely scheduling those campaigns in the general area of Oregon and Washington, even though we did go as far south as California, east as Idaho, and north as Vancouver, B. C., Canada. This type of work, however, kept me away from my home and family too much; I was doing my family an injustice by being away from home approximately nine months out of each year. That being true, the Salem brethren decided to change our mission program — partly due to my personal problem, and partly due to their thinking a change might be better anyway. Instead of my being sent away from home on a close schedule of campaigns, it was decided to settle me down in one place where the church is weak and needs help, and for me to stay there until the congregation becomes self-sustaining, and then move on into another such mission territory. That is the type of work we are now engaged in. This new mission program began on September 18, 1955 when I began laboring with the congregation in the Keizer district (north suburb to Salem). The Keizer congregation is already almost self-sustaining, therefore it should not be too long before it becomes fully self-supporting. We anticipate a pleasant and profitable labor with the Keizer church. We had one baptism Sunday night, September 25. My resident address remains the same as it has been for five years-165 So. 15th St., Salem, Oregon. The address of the Keizer church is 1030 Dearborn Avenue (Keizer District) Salem, Oregon."

Lloyd Moyer, 309 - 36th St., Richmond, California: "Closed a twelve-day meeting with the East Bakersfield congregation in Bakersfield, California, September 30th. Three baptized, one restored and two identified as members. Brother Randy Dickson, preacher for the congregation, led the singing in a fine manner. That congregation is blessed with a strong eldership and a loyal gospel preacher. I am now in a meeting at Campbell, California. I go from here to Newark, then to Burlingane, both in the bay area."

Robert F. Turner, 204 N. Center, Gladewater, Texas, Sept. 30: "I will begin work with the Gladewater congregation October 9th. For the past two years I have worked with the Crescent Heights congregation, Tyler, Texas. This congregation now taxes the capacity of their building, and their contributions are at an all-time high. They plan an expansion of their facilities in the near future. Preachers interested in working with this congregation may write Elders, 1418 W. Bow, Tyler."


A great deal of interest has been manifested in the forthcoming debate between Brother E. R. Harper and Brother Fanning Yater Tant. The Highland elders wish to take this opportunity to announce to the brotherhood that this debate will be held in the city of Abilene, Texas, the Lord willing, beginning November 28th through December 1st inclusive.

The Fair Park Auditorium, which seats nearly two thousand, has been reserved for the occasion as it is anticipated that a goodly number of preachers, elders and brethren will be present.

Abilene is well equipped with motels and hotels, and we see no particular reason why accommodations would not be available without making reservations. For those, however, who would prefer not to run a risk we will be glad to assist in any way possible in making reservations provided sufficient information is given concerning your needs. Please address correspondence to: Elders, Highland Church of Christ, Box 1858, Abilene, Texas.

Inasmuch as there are several thousand members of the church in Abilene many may find accommodations in homes of brethren who would like to have them visit with them.

Ronnie Pope, P. O. Box 1086, Dickinson, Texas, Oct. 3: "Since October of last year I have been under $1,000.00 bond, awaiting trial on a charge of criminal libel! It has been charged and entered in the Criminal Courts of Texas that I criminally libeled a man that I did not know and had never heard of, by maliciously circulating against him an article intended to defame his personal reputation! The charge grew out of my printing — rather re-printing — and distributing in the 'church bulletin' the 'alleged oath of the Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus.' Since October of last year, there have been various legal proceedings pertaining to the case; hearings, continuances, etc., and now trial date has been set for October 26, 1955 in Edinburg, Texas, county seat of Hidalgo County. There is no way of our knowing what might occur before and during the trial, or how long the trial may last. As definitely as we are now able to ascertain, trial will begin October 26, 1955. Since many brethren are interested in this matter, you might want to make mention of it in the Gospel Guardian, as well as for the benefit of those who might want to attend the trial. If I can supply further information or be of service, please advise."

Joe H. Morris, Paducah, Kentucky: "After five full years of hard work with the Clements Street church in Paducah, Kentucky, I am leaving the work. Brother Frank Gould will succeed me here. During the five years we have made great progress. In December, 1950 we raised $4.750 and purchased the property adjoining the old building. In the spring of 1951 we launched a $100,000 building program. On June 1, 1952 we moved into the new building seating 580 from the old one seating approximately 200. To date the indebtedness has been reduced to $50,000. This was done over the constant protest, 'It can't be done!' In addition to this we finished and paved a parking lot for 100 cars, installed a public address system, furnished the building and nursery, installed a cooling system, a heating unit for the baptistry, divided old auditorium into class rooms and seated them, purchased printing machine and introduced Clement Street's first bulletin, together with many other lesser things necessary to a good work. Then on the more spiritual side of the ledger, introduced for the first time were the following classes: men's training, singing class, a ladies Bible class which reached an attendance of 77, a Monday through Friday radio program over a local station which ran for two and one-fourth years. The evangelist prepared and delivered 2,388 sermons, and lessons plus weddings and funerals. The total results for Clements Street and meetings are 269 baptized, 142 restored, and 121 by identification, bringing the total for five years work to 532. In addition to this the writer conducted 49 evangelistic meetings. We are grateful to God for health, strength and opportunity to do this work. I have accepted the invitation to move to and work with the very fine congregation at Sharpe, Kentucky. They have a nice preachers home, a new fully air-conditioned building, and adequate facilities with which to do a good work. I begin at Sharpe on October 16th. Please take note of the change of address. Our new address is Route 6, Benton, Kentucky . . I am deeply grateful to all the congregations from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania through Ohio, Florida, Missouri, Alabama and Kentucky who invited us to work with them. I am sure any of them would have been pleasant and profitable to the Lord's cause."

Tommy Kelton, 1209 S. Texas, Odessa, Texas, Oct. 7: "I j began my second year with the Southside congregation last Sunday. Last year there were 151 responses here. I held meetings in Texas, Oregon, California, Oklahoma and Missouri. Twenty-one responded in these meetings. We intend to make greater strides here this year."

Martin Kamstra, Box 957, Lordsburg, New Mexico: "I did the preaching in a well attended meeting at Globe, Arizona, September 5th through 14th. Four adults added the last night. Have time for a couple of spring meetings. Would like to book them for West Texas or Northeastern New Mexico."

W. E. Fortney, 162 Harrison Street, Clarksburg, West Virginia, Oct. 10: "There were two restorations in our meeting at Gallipolis, Ohio. It was a genuine pleasure to work with Brother Glen Graham, who labors regularly with these brethren. Brother Saunders and Brother Tyler led the song service and did their part well."

Dean Bullock, P. O. Box 771, Borger, Texas, Oct. 14: "The church here (Second at Deahl) closed a very successful meeting Wednesday night. Perry B. Cotham of Duncan, Oklahoma, was the evangelist. Hubert Arant of Lubbock, Texas, led the singing. Fifteen responded to the gospel invitation. Six were baptized, nine restored."