Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 27, 1955

"Cooperation Discussed"

William See, Blytheville, Arkansas

On Sunday afternoon August 28th. the elders here in Blytheville asked Bro. Ward Hogland of the Park Hill congregation in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, to discuss this important subject. The meeting was announced in this three state area and a large crowd from far and near assembled for the discussion. A surprising number of Gospel preachers from Tennessee, Missouri, and Arkansas were in attendance. Among whom were: W. Curtis Porter, Chris Lyles, Eugene Britnell, Kenneth Fielder, Tommy McClure, Truman House, Alton James, Hayden Mayhan, Cleo Blue, Billy Moore, Eddie Dye, Winston Burton, Leo Powers, Marshall Conner, Bob Lawyer and others that I am unable to call to mind just now.

This was the first time many of those present had ever heard the issue actually discussed. Bro. Hogland stayed on the issue, discussing it in the light of God's Word. He did not engage in name calling or mud-slinging, but presented the truth in a kind way; yet with force and in a convincing way. I personally know of four that were caused to see the truth as a result of the discussion and have heard of others. That much good was accomplished there is no doubt. It is the firm conviction of this writer that if brethren everywhere would make an honest study of God's Word, removing prejudices and such like from their minds, we would soon become united upon the subject, and the church would be stronger than ever before. I pray that this will be the result.

The church here in Blytheville continues to move forward. We are enjoying the best year in the history of this congregation. The Air Base that has been opened here has done much toward helping us set new records, however the interest and enthusiasm of the membership seems to be at its highest peak. Three men have recently been selected to serve as elders, and under their capable leadership we expect to go on to even greater achievements.

When in Blytheville worship with us.