Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 20, 1955
NUMBER 24, PAGE 14b-15a


Esten Macon, 211 Twin Oaks Road, McMinnville, Tenn., Sept. 26: "One was baptized recently at Mt. Lea. The church sent me to Eureka to finish the meeting started by Charles S. Holder, Sr. of Bridgeport, Alabama, who was called to the bedside of his wife. Brother Holder, 82, had conducted 20 meetings this year. He is held in high esteem in Warren County."

F. B. Shepherd, 1925 Makiki St., Honolulu, T. H., Sept. 21: "We are observing an increase in the attendance at worship, part of which we attribute to the attaining of our own new house of worship. Brother Ben Shropshire of Oloha, Oregon will be here October 2nd to help us in the work of house to house personal work and Cottage Bible classes. This method has proved to be the most effective means we can use to reach the "local" people. Though only about 600 square miles of land in this island we have a population of approximately half a million exclusive of the Service people. More than nine different nationalities are represented in our immediate territory. We crave your prayers."

W. C. Anderson. Scottsville, Kentucky, Sept. 26: "I have preached in eight meetings this year. Attendance was not up to par in some of these meetings. Only thirteen were baptized during all the meetings."

Joe H. Morris, 2707 Kentucky Ave., Paducah, Kentucky, Sept. 22: "Last night brought to a close a fine meeting with Penn's Chapel church near Bowling Green, Kentucky. Crowds overflowed the building. Eight were baptized and two were restored. Brother Wm. Pennington very ably directed the singing. Raymond Hazelip is doing a great work as preacher with this good congregation. I begin a meeting at Cave City. Kentucky, October 3rd and Hardyville, Kentucky October 24th."

C. D. Plum, 3372 Camp Chase Drive, Columbus 4, Ohio, Sept. 18th: "Two baptized today. Gardner S. Hall will conduct meetings October 2-9 at 3361 W. Broad Street (Route 40),"

Eugene Britnell, Box 83, Tuckerman, Arkansas, Sept. 22: "I have preached in Gospel meetings this summer in the following places: Walnut Ridge, Ark.; Crossroads, Ark.; Weiner, Ark.; Air Base (near Newport), Ark.; Tapps, Ark.; Augusta, Ark.; Hayti, Mo.; and Hollywood, Mo. We had 30 baptisms and 15 restorations in these meetings. The work here is going forward. When traveling this way stop and worship or visit with us."

James Medlin, 4020 Alabama St., San Diego, California: "On August 29, the congregation in East San Diego completed their first years work. The following Lord's Day they met for the first time in their new building located at 3876 - 50th Street: We were formerly meeting in a local hall. During this period of time there were 78 additions to the work, 23 being baptized and many being restored to their first love. All but a few of these additions were a result of house to house contact. Brother William Strout and the writer have given their services as preachers for the congregation thereby enabling all contributions to be used to purchase our new building. Our new location has a seating capacity of three hundred with several class rooms and a baptistry to be added in the near future. We thank God for His many blessings and pray that we may continue successfully in His work in this part of the kingdom."

M. F. Manchester, Comanche, Texas, Sept. 30: "The work here continues to make progress in spiritual strength and numbers. We are in our fifth year with this good church. Brother Cecil B. Douthitt held our summer meeting the latter part of August and did some of the finest preaching one could ask for. I have been holding two to four meetings in the summer months but would like to hold more. So if any church should desire my services, write me as above."

Thomas Allen Robertson, 1162 College Drive, San Bernardino, California, Sept. 22: "The work here continues to progress in a very encouraging way. From August 8th through the 18th we had a very successful Vacation Bible School study. From August 10th through the 21st Brother Charles A. Holt of Franklin, Tenn., was with the church here in a very fine Gospel meeting. The preaching was of the highest quality, and there were four baptisms, two restorations and one placed membership as visible results of the meeting. We are looking forward to working with Brother Holt again in the not too distant future. From August 21st through the 28th I was in a Gospel meeting with the church in Lomita, Cal., where Brother Charles F. House is the very active local evangelist. This meeting resulted in no visible results and we hope as little harm and as much good as possible. Brother Ford Carpenter, evangelist with the church which meets at Spring and Delta in Long Beach, led the singing in the meeting at Lomita. Brother Carpenter is a very capable and pleasant co-worker. From October 2nd through the 9th I am to be in a meeting with the church at Van Nuys, Cal., where L. W. Mayo is the local evangelist."

Clyde A. Brannan, 2245 Ninth St., S.W., Akron, Ohio, Sept. 24: "August 28 marked the beginning of my fourth year with the Ninth Street and Florida Avenue church. During the past year there have been thirty-six baptisms, four restorations, and eight placed membership. We are establishing a congregation in Wadsworth, Ohio. At present, I preach there at 9:30 a.m. and at Ninth Street in Akron at 10:45 a.m. each Lord's Day. We are enjoying a fine work here. I closed a meeting September 21, with the Walnut Avenue church in Canton, Ohio, with ten baptisms and three restorations. My next meeting will be in Marietta, Ohio, October 2-12, then Fort Wayne, Indiana, October 24 through November 2."

J. M. Wilson, Hagerman, New Mexico, Sept. 26: "The Lord's work here is going along in a good way. We have been here with these good folks four months, having moved here from Dexter, New Mexico. We have had some increase in attendance and interest seems to be on the increase. Brother Mack Stirman of Uvalde, Texas preached for us in a meeting last month. No visible results were noted. Brother Mack did a good job and we know much good will come from this effort. Brother Bill Johnson of Dexter, New Mexico directed the song services. Brother W. Curtis Porter will be with us in April, 1956. We feel very fortunate in getting Brother Porter for a meeting at that time. We are looking forward to being with him and we know he will be a great help to this part of New Mexico. When traveling on Highway 285 visit with us."

Charles Hodge, Seagoville, Texas, Sept. 27: "We have accepted the work offered us at Seagoville, Texas. H. B. Frank is following us at Southside in Ennis, Texas. The congregation is well organized with three competent elders. Peace and unity prevail. This little city near Dallas is growing; the prospects for the future are bright. When in Dallas worship with us."

W. Wallace Layton, P. O. Box 10086, Houston 18, Texas: "Leon C. Burns of Columbia, Tennessee just closed a very good meeting here with the Garden Oaks congregation. Ten were baptized."

R. C. Welch, 2230 Kaelin Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky, September 25: "During the latter part of the month I preached in a meeting with the Mt. Pleasant church, near Bowling Green, Kentucky. There were four baptisms and five to confess unfaithfulness. Though a rural congregation it is really alive and active. Some nights of the meeting approximately 400 were in attendance. Woodrow Hazelip preaches regularly for them. About three years ago their growth forced them to enlarge their building. They are now planning on making another addition. Besides supporting Brother Hazelip they have been supporting preachers in meetings in other places in the state. They are a true example of the New Testament pattern of evangelism."

Nolon N. Wallace, Route 3, Box 3, Whitesboro, Texas, Sept. 26: "I have resigned my work with the church here to become effective on or before December 31. My resignation was not altogether a voluntary act on my part. It came about because of the power, control and influence of 'our brotherhood projects' and the pressure tactics of brethren here and elsewhere being exerted against me and a few other faithful brethren here. Any congregation needing a preacher that is not afraid to 'preach the word' please contact me at the above address."

Elvis Bozarth, Dana Point, California, Sept. 20: "Tom Baker, Jr. of Costa Mesa preached in our meeting September 4-11. One was baptized and the church edified. Brother Baker did his work well. During July I debated Mr. William Root, pastor of the Grace Bible Church of Southgate on four propositions one night each. He affirmed salvation by grace alone and 1000 years between the resurrection of the just and unjust, and I affirmed the possibility of apostasy and salvation without the direct operation of the Holy Spirit. Brother Baker moderated for me two nights and Floyd Thompson of Birch and Fairview, Santa Ana the other two nights. We had a successful Vacation Bible School during August while I was on leave from the Marines. I will be discharged on September 22 after nearly five years of active duty (including 13 months in Japan and Korea). I am presently in a meeting at Huntington Beach which is scheduled to close next Lord's Day."

Porter-Woods Debate

For the information of brethren who are desiring to know, I shall state that Brother Woods and I have signed propositions for the debate to be held in Indianapolis. We will discuss the benevolent issue only. The following propositions have been agreed on and signed by both men:

1. It is in harmony with the Scriptures for churches to build and maintain benevolent organizations for the care of the needy, such as the Boles Home, the Tipton Home and other Orphan Homes and Homes for the Aged that are among us.

Woods affirms — Porter denies 2. It is contrary to the Scriptures for churches to build and maintain benevolent organizations for the care of the needy, such as the Boles Home, the Tipton Horne and other Orphan Homes and Homes for the Aged that are among us.

Porter affirms — Woods denies As soon as a date has been agreed upon announcement of that will also be made.

— W. Curtis Porter