Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 13, 1955

What's Wrong With "C.M.O. Of C.C."?

Pryde E. Hinton, Dora, Alabama

Multiplied millions of lost souls have never had, even once, the opportunity to hear the "gospel of the grace of God" fully preached. No informed brother will deny this statement.

The most important and the most urgent work on earth is preaching and teaching the gospel of Christ to the lost, and "confirming the souls of the disciples". No informed, unbiased brother will deny this statement.

Our present practice of established churches sending out for preachers to "hold meetings" for them is not adequately meeting this need. Our present smaller practice of established churches sending out preachers to "set in order the things that are wanting" in weak churches is not sufficient to meet this urgent, important need. Our present activity in sending out preachers to preach the gospel of Christ where Christ is not "already named" is not enough to meet this need.

Therefore, to do this urgent, important work, what is wrong with our having a C. M. O. of C. C. (Cooperative Missionary Organization of Churches of Christ)? Did you ever get a letter from Childhaven, requesting your "5th Sunday's contribution"? If so, you know what that organization consists of: Board of Trustees; President; Vice Pres.; Secretary-treasurer; Superintendent. What is wrong, I repeat, with the churches cooperating in organizing and supporting exactly, precisely, identically, the SAME kind of an institution, with identically the SAME officials that Childhaven has, to do the needed evangelistic work ? PLEASE, remember that I am talking about EXACTLY the SAME organization; but to do a MORE IMPORTANT work. I predict that nobody will forthrightly, without hedging, attempt to answer this question. I predict that if this article is reviewed, criticized, it will not be published in the same paper and the same issue!

I further inquire, What's wrong with congregations sending their "contribution for the poor saints" to "the biggest church of Christ in the world" for her to distribute? What is wrong with making this arrangement permanent? This method would employ ONLY the congregational organization — "only this, and nothing MORE". This arrangement would eliminate most overlapping of relief to the suffering. This cooperation would minimize the number of neglected poor saints. And, above all, this systematic, business-like Nation-wide, "distributing to the necessity of the saints" would make the world and the "sects" realize how zealous, how big, and how powerful WE are! I predict that nobody who supports and defends "The Herald of Truth" will forthrightly, and without evasion, answer this question.

I am not against obeying James 1:27. I am highly in favor of greater efforts to follow the divinely given examples in Acts 6:1-7 and Acts 11:27-30. "This writer" also teaches and attempts to practice according to the examples of missionary work recorded in Acts 11:19-26;13; 14; etc. So let us stop unfairly accusing one another of being against doing benevolent and missionary work! Let us talk and write about HOW, and through and by what ORGANIZATION, the New Testament teaches us to do this work. "Let God be true, but every man a liar." I further predict that if anybody reviews John T. Lewis' articles in the columns of another religious journal, the reviewed articles will not be published in their entirety in that journal. I further predict that nobody will challenge Brother Lewis to a public discussion of the subject of said articles.