Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 6, 1955

The Apostolic Times

R. H. Farish

"A few preachers have unfurled the anti-mission banner! God forgive them!"

The above is one of the 'current religious items' prepared for the "CHRISTIAN" by Bro. J. H. Berry. We do not know the preachers Bro. Berry refers to, but we are confident they do not belong to the church of Christ. We know of no anti-mission men among us, and do not believe there are such. It is true that some of our brethren oppose, and we think unwisely oppose, the particular plan of doing mission work which most of our churches have adopted, but they do not oppose mission work itself, and we hope Bro. Berry may be moved to implore the forgiveness of God in behalf of those scribes who represent them as so doing. Let us be just, even to those who differ from us

— J. W. McGarvey

McGarvey was too big to condone dishonesty even in those who stood with him on the issues of his day. The lack of such hatred of evil today is a thing to be greatly deplored. In the words of McGarvey "Let us be just even to those who differ from us."