Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 6, 1955

First Report From Australia

T. H. Tarbet, Jr.

"My family and I were on the ocean three Sundays enroute here, and were permitted to have public services each Sunday on the S. S. Oronsay. From 15 to 17 were in attendance at these services, but we were the only ones who were members of the church.

"Sydney was our port of debarkation, and we spent a week there visiting among brethren and speaking at three of the small congregations in the Sydney area. There are two others in that area, and one in Hobart, Tasmania. These are all very small, and there were no others in all Australia until we started meeting in our home in Melbourne last Sunday. Nine were present at the first service. Besides our family there were Brother and Sister Homer Irvine of Beaumont, Texas, and a man and wife with whom they have made friends during the past nine months. We find that the Irvines have taught these people a great deal, and have them greatly interested. Brother Irvine, who has served as elder in the Gulf Street church in Beaumont, Texas, is an excellent Bible teacher. He and Sister Irvine will be a great help to us here until they return to the States in November. Through their influence we were able to rent a house at 91 Roberts Street, W-13 Yarraville, Victoria, Australia, a suburb of Melbourne. All mail to us may be addressed accordingly until further notice.

"Brethren, pray for us. We are in a city of 60,000; and it is a suburb of Melbourne, which has over 1,000,000. Victoria, the state of which Melbourne is the capital, has a population of over 2,500,000, and we constitute the only true church in the entire state."