Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 6, 1955

Porter's Book Shop Club

Monette, Arkansas

The response to my book club plan has been very encouraging. I have not been able, because of my physical condition and other reasons, to give enough time to mailing out blank forms as I need to. But if you want to be enrolled as a member of my club, even if you don't have a form blank, just drop me a card or letter telling me so. You will buy as many as four books per year, at 20% discount from retail price, and no money is to be sent till you receive the book each time. I will publish a number of my debates now on record, as well as a number of other books that I have material ready for or that I plan to write. All books published will be books of which I am the author or co-author, as in the case of debates. Let me hear from you.

W. Curtis Porter P. O. Box 195