Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 6, 1955

Did Brother Lipscomb Endorse What We Have?

Chester Estes

Some brethren say their orphan homes are not church institutions, and, at the same time try to prove they are scriptural because Brother David Lipscomb endorsed them. If he endorsed anything in the way of orphan homes, the homes must have been different from what we have now. Brother J. W. Shepherd said of Brother Lipscomb, "In maintaining these convictions, he taught that the church is the only and all-sufficient institution for the service of God, and that he who uses any other institution in any religious work or service goes outside the Bible for guidance; and since God commands only what is taught in the Bible, he who serves in institutions other than it reveals dishonors God." Who could know more about what Brother Lipscomb believed and taught than Brother J. W. Shepherd?