Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 22, 1955

Comments On Cogdill's Articles

John F. Reese, Abilene, Texas

Bro. Cogdill in the Gospel Guardian July 28, 1955, Referring to Brother Harper said, "If he had been able to satisfy himself, he would not repeatedly have tried to fix the matter up. And since the debate he has had a lengthy article in the Gospel Advocate trying to explain it." These are strange words coming from one who has written six articles himself about the Lufkin debate in addition to those written by Bro. Porter, Bro. Martin, Bro. Estes, Bro. Patton, and others. Is this the pattern? We will do all the talking you be quiet. Is that the scope? Design? Or just scoop?

Frankly, we find ourselves, after reading these articles like another brother some time back who wrote, "Am I confused." Reminds me of reading Treasure Island when a boy. If memory serves me correctly this expression was used in the pirates' song. "Fifteen men on a Dead Man's Chest." I take it from Bro. Cogdill's statement that Bro. Tant "admirably upheld the truth," and by his reference to Bro. Harper's stumbling and perverting that he believes he or they won a clear cut, concise, never to be questioned victory at Lufkin.

Well, since Bro. Tant likes to have a command, necessary inference, or approved example for everything and Bro. Porter use a "parallel" to say nothing of an "eternal principle" perhaps we might apply the pattern and see how it fits.

When David slew Goliath and cut off his head his victory was so complete that there was no apparent need to keep on chopping away at Goliath. On the other hand the Bible says he brought his head to Jerusalem. Maybe that's what these brethren are doing. But where is Jerusalem? Could this be Lufkin? Is this the New Jerusalem? After the fall of the walls of Jericho did the people just keep on marching and blowing the trumpets? Ninety days afterward still going and blowing.

Ninety days after the dispatch of Bro. Harper the same battle still rages. What's the matter? Is his ghost still haunting them? Have they seen his ghost or do they just wish they had?