Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 22, 1955


Joe H. Morris, 2707 Ky. Ave., Paducah., Sept. 5: "With Bro. Vernon Haynes directing singing we closed a fine meeting at Big Reedy, Ky., last Wed. night. Two were baptized. I begin meetings at Penn's Chapel near Bowling Green, Ky., Sept. 12th, Cave City, Ky., Oct. 3, Hardyville, Ky., Oct. 24th. Work at Clements Street is about as usual."

Bill Cavender, Box 65, Nocona, Texas, Sept. 7., "Ten have been baptized and nine restored in two meetings and in local work since my last report. I have submitted my resignation here, effective Nov. 1. I have been invited by the elders of the Cooper, Texas, church to return there and work with them again. The work here has been interesting and profitable and progress has been made. Anyone interested in the work in Nocona should write to the elders, as they have not obtained a man at this time."

W. Earl Mansur, 19551 Welby Way, Reseda, Calif., Sept. 7: "On July 10th I began regular work with the church at 7054 Winnetka Ave. near Canoga Park. In these two months we have had six identifications and three restorations. I was away for two meetings during August, one in Okla. and one in Arkansas. This is a young congregation with able men as elders, O.F. Watson and T. H. Bohannan. With the spiritual and physical assets of this church it should enjoy a wonderful future."

John Bullock, 1900 Turtle Creek Drive, Marshall, Texas, August 31: "Five have been baptized and one restored during the last four days. We closed a school with the church in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, last Friday evening, also did the preaching for both services the Sunday we were there. The brethren there are getting plans completed to build a new section to their old building, also to renovate the old structure and brick the entire meeting house. They have expressed a desire to have me do the preaching in a meeting they hope to have when the new plans are completed. Bro. Ray Russell is their preacher. He is in his ninth year and is doing a splendid work. When in Marshall visit with us at the South Washington congregation."

H. I. Taylor, P. O.Box 4011, Austin, Texas, Sept., 1: "On September 1, We moved from Austin, Texas to Waco to work with the Crestview congregation. This is a new work being less than one year old. The brethren are meeting temporarily at 3017 Herring Ave., until their new building is completed. My home address is 4600 Cole Ave. When in Waco visit the Crestview congregation"

John Bullock, 1900 Turtle Creek Dr., Marshall, Texas, Sept. 9: "Our meeting begins Oct. 2nd and continues thru the 9th. Brother M. C. Cuthbertson from Tucson, Arizona, will do the preaching and I will lead the singing. All who live in driving distance are invited to attend. When in Marshall visit with us at the South Washington congregation."

B. Hall Davis, 1919 Plank Road, North Baton Rouge, La., Sept. 2: "Last Lord's day a group of brethren with their families began meeting for the first time in the North part of the city. We shall earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints using as our guide the Word of God. We ask the prayers of all Christians in this new endeavor because we shall be striving to spread the glad tidings to those who have not heard the wonderful story of the Cross.

Baton Rouge is a city of some 150,000 people. This is only the second congregation of the Church here so you can see much needs to be done. Many opportunities await those who want to work in the Master's vineyard.

When in this vicinity stop and worship with us. "Come let us reason together."

"We, the elders of the Norhill congregation, 634 W. Cottage in Houston, Texas, wish to announce that this congregation is in a position to, and desires to be of assistance to other congregations by providing a preacher for meetings where the brethren are unable to adequately support such. We have arrangements with Brother Bryan Vinson, our local preacher, and Brother Luther Blackmon whereby one of them can be here and the other in a meeting within a reasonable distance of Houston, some of the time in 1956, and through the coming months of December and January. Any congregation interested in this kind of assistance may contact us at the above address and give us the desired information of their desires and needs."

R. C. Copeland, P. O.Box 416, Spur, Texas, Sept., 9: "One placed membership here last Sunday. Brother Robert LeCroix of Corpus Christi, Texas, is to begin meeting here October 10th. Elders plan a five nights lectureship for first part of December. Topics, dates, and speakers to be named later. Church here is one of the best in Texas. Visit with us when travelling this way."

Albert Mclnroe, Box 313, Dexter, N. Mex., Sept. 8: After five years and ten months with the Church at Spade, Texas, I have resigned to work with the Church at Dexter, N. Mex. The Church here owns a nice brick building with a seating capacity of three-hundred, seven classrooms, a study and nursery. Dexter is located eighteen miles south of Roswell. I was with the Church at Morgan Mill, Texas in their meeting the last week of August. Fourteen responded to the gospel invitation, eleven for baptism and three for confession of sins.