Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 15, 1955

$64,000 Question

James K. Sellers, Tampa, Florida

On a recent T. V. quiz program, called the $64,000 Question", one of the contestants, Mrs. Krietzer, took home $32,000 in prize money. Her category was "The Bible". Her aptitude in answering questions testified to her fine Bible knowledge. Upon several occasions, during her four weekly appearances, it was affirmed that she was having a great influence in making this country "Bible conscious". People everywhere were beginning to "dust off their Bibles". Some were even taking them to work. Older religious songs and records were republished and began to sell well. Why was this?

We cannot believe that this awakened interest in the Bible is entirely mercenary (if at all), because other contestants who, too, won valuable prizes in other categories did not have the same impact. The living power of the Bible, we are confident, accounts for this reaction. "For the word of God is quick (living), and powerful... "

While we may never influence so large a group at one time we can, none the less, during a normal lifetime manifest to many people the power of the scriptures as seen in our lives. To influence others with the living power of the Bible we must first be influenced. Constant contact with the word of God is the answer. Daily, prayerful Bible study becomes MY responsibility. I cannot "grow in grace and knowledge" nor fill my heart with righteousness nor influence others for good with ,a haphazard, indifferent, indolent attitude toward searching the scriptures. God is holding me personally responsible as to whether or not I study His word. Feeble excuses will not prevail when we stand in the presence of Him "with whom we have to do". He knows our lives from our remotest thought to our most overt action.

Bible study is not drudgery, but a joy, to the child of God. We know that we are studying the revealed will of God, which when properly applied, provides peace and happiness here and the confidence of a heavenly home hereafter. We know, too that it is pleasing to God when we obey His command to study and that it displeases Him when we do not study. Thus the Christian, ever willing to serve his Lord, will not allow worldly activity to crowd out sacred duties nor quench his thirst for living waters.