Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 1, 1955


Richard E. Donley, Box 232, Topeka, Kansas, Aug. 21: "Since the first of the year, fifteen have been added to the Highland Park congregation. Three have moved away. One was restored today. One was baptized a week ago. We are making plans for a new building next year."

Hollis D. Parker. Box 21, Carthage, Tennessee, Aug. 17: "In four meetings in Lawrence County, Alabama, and in Jackson and Smith Counties in Tennessee, six were baptized and one restored this summer. One was baptized in the meeting here in July. Ed Warren directed the singing. Our radio broadcast can be heard on Sundays at 9:00 a.m. and Monday through Friday at 8:45 am. over WCOR, Lebanon, 900 on the dial. This station reaches most of upper Middle Tennessee and part of Southern Kentucky."

Herbert Fraser, 1277 Boston Street, Aurora, Colorado, Aug. 18: "L. O. Sanderson was with us recently in fine daily evangelistic services. Vacation Bible School in June was the best in our history. The congregation, about five years old, continues to be at peace, and engaged in a very active program of work. I recently completed four very pleasant years work here. The work is growing, and the future is bright."

W. E. Fortney, 162 Harrison Street, Clarksburg, West Virginia, Aug. 14: "There were two additions in the meeting at Cloverdale, West Virginia. The attendance was very good."

Nolan N. Wallace, Whitesboro, Texas — "We have just completed one of the best gospel meetings this congregation has had in some time. Brother Jack L. Holt of Houston delivered very timely sermons with great force and power. He is in my estimation one of the most sound and true to the Book gospel preachers we have in the brotherhood today. His knowledge of the Bible and forceful preaching can do nothing but good for the cause of Christ wherever he may be used. We had ten responses to the invitation during the meeting with two more the following Wednesday night. Also we are looking for more to follow."


Brother T. Guy Roberson is scheduled to meet Mr. James Goude of the Church of God denomination in a two-nights discussion. The debate will be on the subjects of baptism and faith only. This discussion is to take place in Walterboro, South Carolina on October 13-14."

Gordon J. Pennock, 1705 Kilburn Ave., Rockford, Illinois, Aug. 15: "After nearly seven years, I concluded my work in Bismarck, North Dakota. I am now located with the Kilburn Avenue Church in Rockford, Illinois. I preached in a meeting here in May in which three were restored and one was baptized. I began regular work with this church July 17th. Since then there have been four restorations and four baptisms. The 'Liberalism' taught by such men as James Warren, J. P. Sanders and others, who are now in denominationalism, infected the thinking of many in this area, but those who are acquainted with the situation inform us that this false teaching is now in retreat. May we suggest that now is the time for men, sound in faith and of maturity and experience, to move to the Lord's work in this region. We request that our friends kindly note our new address."

J. T. Marlin, Fourth and Elm, Sweetwater, Texas, Aug. 19: "On July 16 I returned from my third tour of the Bible Lands and Europe. It was a genuine pleasure to have in my group my wife and two children and a fine host of Christian people from six states, including five gospel preachers. It was refreshing to visit again our brethren in Europe and to observe the accomplishments since our visit in 1953. We visited with brethren in churches in Turkey, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland and England. I preached for the church in Paris, France, on July 10. Brethren Owen Aiken and Maurice Hall have the work moving forward there, hut they are badly in need of a building. A few thousand dollars plus what they have in their building fund would enable them to secure a building adequate for their needs. On the other Lord's Days that we were away we worshipped in Venice, Italy; in ancient Corinth amid the colossal ruins; in Jerusalem at the Garden Tomb; in Tiberius on the shore of the Sea of Galilee . .. Our work here at Fourth and Elm is moving forward. Beginning the first of September we will support Brother E. N. Way full time in preaching for the colored church here. Sunday we begin a meeting with Leonard Mullens of Dallas, Texas, preaching."

Doyle Banta, 1309 — 9th Avenue S.E., Decatur, Alabama, Aug. 12: "At Sommerville Road we had nine by membership, one baptized, and one restored in July. B. C. Carr just closed a meeting with us in which 15 were baptized and one restored. I baptized nine and had four restored at Lovell's Chapel."