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September 1, 1955

History Repeating Itself

Interested Reader

Speaking of the evil work of the societies, David Lipscomb said: "It shows that these human societies, having no restraining law save their own human wills, are liable to run to any extreme, assert any power, and to use it to destroy all that come in their way. They do this. There is not one of them that has not used its influence directly or indirectly to build up the papers, men and institutions that supported them, and to destroy the influence of every man and paper and church that does not work with them." (Gospel Advocate, 1889, page 406.)

That is the way the society people "quarantined" Lipscomb, the Gospel Advocate, the churches and all others that did not work with them. Some months ago, the editor of the Gospel Advocate and one of his writers, joined the society people by proposing to "quarantine" all papers and brethren that did not go along with them. Truly, history is repeating itself.