Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 18, 1955
NUMBER 15, PAGE 13b,14b

"We Knew It All The Time"

Jack Holt, Bellaire, Texas

The following editorial, which recently appeared in the Houston Chronicle, is worthy of a careful reading and deserves a few observations. I quote the editorial in full.

"In this age of high tensions, nobody presumes to offer a short cut means of juvenile delinquency. The problem has faced the best minds in psychiatry and criminology and it still remains a problem. Still a certain number of our teen age boys and girls from all walks of life go wrong.

"However, there appear hopeful signs lately that the experts on child behavior are more and more disposed to lean back on the ancient truth in the search for one means to bring about a better behavior in our children. And in so doing they are exploding a modern canard that a minimum of discipline is to be invoked against the juvenile else his personality will be inhibited.

"It is generally agreed nowadays that the failure to impose proper discipline upon children has been one of the leading causes of delinquency, that it has led to an immaturity in the growing child and to psychopathic behavior in the adult. In other words we have spared the rod and spoiled the child."

It is refreshing to learn that the experts (?) on child behavior are finally revising their opinions on that subject. God fearing men and women have known all along that these so called experts were wrong in their analysis. They knew this, not because they are wise in themselves, but because Jehovah, who is the real "expert" in such matters had taught otherwise. These experts, for lo, these many years have thought the Bible antiquated in its teaching, and decidedly wrong concerning child behavior and discipline. Hence, "the best minds in psychiatry and criminology," had to learn the hard way the real solution to and truth about this problem. Now that the reform schools are bulging with teenagers, who are getting their first taste of discipline, the experts are revising their opinions, and are finally realizing that the "old fashioned way" is not so old fashioned after all. And further, that the ways and means of teaching children honesty, obedience, and respect for authority is the same in every age. While the confessions wrung from these experts will confirm the Christians faith in that "grand old book," they will not atone for the detrimental teaching they have done. Truly many a wayward boy and girl has become such as a result of their philosophy. These fellows need to "bring forth fruits meet for repentance," and teach all parents everywhere to bring up their children in the "nurture and admonition of the Lord." (Eph. 6:3-6.)

The false philosophy propagated by these experts (?) has had, we regret to say, quite a bit of influence in the church of our Lord. There are many parents who have fallen for this propaganda and who deem it exceeding improper to discipline their children. Parents need to realize that there is no greater wrong they can do to their children than to fail to teach them respect for authority, law and order. This teaching often necessitates discipline, and sometimes severe discipline. But whether parents can see it or not, such discipline is good for the child both temporally and eternally. It has been said that the proper place to train a child is in the playpen rather than in the state pen. Had this method been followed there would be many boys and girls serving their God and their fellow man rather than "serving time."