Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 4, 1955


Richard Weaver, 1621 Mitchell St., Humboldt, Tennessee, July 20: "One was restored last Wednesday night and a man and his wife were baptized tonight. George Tipps will preach in our Fall meeting August 25-September 4."

W. E. Fortney, 162 Harrison Street, Clarksburg, West Virginia, July 19: "Our meeting at Walnut Fork, W. Va., was well attended. Six precious souls responded to the invitation — two baptisms, and four restorations."

Charles F. House, P. O. Box 72164, Los Angeles 2, California, July 21: "Brother Mack Kercheville of El Paso, Texas and the writer spent July 1st and 2nd in Nuevo Casas Grandes, Chih., Mexico, where I had the opportunity of meeting most of the eighteen brethren that make up the church there in that little inland town. I was especially pleased to see the zeal on the part of the Mexican brethren and to meet the 90 year old woman that Brother Josue Espino (the local preacher) just recently baptized. Although these brethren are extremely zealous in their love for the Lord, they are extremely poor. Their main need right now is a meeting house where they can accommodate those that come to hear the Gospel. Friday night, July 1st, Brother Kercheville conducted the mid-week service, altogether in Spanish, and upwards of 60 people tried to crowd into a little room 12 x 14, among whom was the local Baptist pastor. Since the present money ratio is now about 121/2 pesos to one dollar, this offers an excellent opportunity for one or more generous American congregations to help these brethren get their own adequate meeting house at the earliest opportunity. The Mexican people are dissatisfied with Catholicism and are ready and willing to hear the Gospel. They have a building fund started, but due to the extreme poverty of the people and the state of inflation within the country it will be a long time before they can have it unless they receive some help from somewhere."

R. C. Copeland, Jr., P. O. Box 416, Spur, Texas, July 23: "Two placed membership here last Sunday. Our work in Spur is off to a very fine start. When visiting this area worship with this friendly church."

Two Year Old Congregation Has 505 In Vacation Bible School

Thomas B. Warren, 5000 Doyle St., Fort Worth, Texas, July 22: "Just a little over two years ago, the congregation in Eastridge, Fort Worth, Texas, had its beginning. Since that time, it has grown to a membership of 494. Its first Vacation Bible School, in the summer of 1954, saw a peak attendance of 452 on the last day of the school, with many of those in attendance being from denominational homes. This year, in surpassing a goal of 500, the congregation again saw large numbers from denominational homes in attendance. Truly this is one of the finest ways of reaching the people in our respective communities. The congregation received able assistance from the following teachers from other congregations: William Reeves of East Orange, N. J., E. H. Masters of Brattleboro, Vermont, Andrew H. Conally of Hurst, Texas, Gary Scott of Riverside congregation in Fort Worth, and Don Hooker of Washington Heights, Fort Worth. Following the Vacation Bible School, Brother Reeves did the preaching in a six day meeting in which 30 responded to the invitation (5 baptized, 3 identified as faithful Christians from other congregations, 4 restored and placed membership, and 18 restored)."