Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 14, 1955

The Overflow

F. Y. T.

Do It Now!

July 15 is the deadline. After that the price of Bound Volume Number Six of the Gospel Guardian advances to $5. If your order bears a postmark before midnight of that day, you can still get this invaluable book for only $4. Each year the demand for these bound volumes has been exceeding our supply. We intend to bind more next year, but if you want a copy of Volume Six, you should order it TODAY.

Abilene Debate, November 28

The date has been definitely set for the Tant-Harper debate in Abilene. After a five-month postponement, due to serious illness in brother Harper's family, the debate will begin on Monday night, November 28. Church cooperation is the general theme under study. Plan to attend!

Have Another Ceremony

Now we hear of a preacher up Kentucky way who teaches that if a husband and wife become reconciled after one or the other of them has been guilty of adultery, they should "by all means" have another marriage ceremony performed. Why?

Too Nice

This is an old one and has been going around a long time, but it is still good: Some women in a struggling little Baptist church noticed that a certain poor widow and her two small daughters had quit attending. Investigation revealed that they were ashamed of their old, shabby clothes. The good Baptist ladies immediately got busy and provided a new dress for the widow, and two perfectly beautiful frocks for the little girls. The widow came back to services; the little girls did not. Upon being asked about it, the widow said, "Oh the girls looked so sweet and lovely in their beautiful new dresses I felt they were well dressed enough now to go to that big Presbyterian church down on the corner. They would be sort of out of place among the poor children who come to this church."

Another One

Wallace Layton of Houston sends us this brief note: "Saw this name over a church building here in Houston the other day, 'Shepherd Fold Regular Predestinarian Baptist Church'."

Sermon Material

Did you hear the story of the aged preacher who habitually delivered a sermon on "Women's Dress" at the beginning of the summer season, when shorts and halters began to be in evidence on the streets? Well, he finally had to give up his annual sermon — there wasn't enough of it left to make even a sermonette.

Slap Her Down

We've heard stories recently of a couple of gospel preachers, one in Arkansas, one in Texas, who got slightly mixed up, and decided they were Humphrey Bogart, the tough Hollywood cave-man who goes around slapping ladies in the face and bloodying their noses (in the movies, of course). Seems these brethren have been seeing too many movies — anyhow each of them is reputed to have socked a lady with regular he-man tough guy bravado. One did it in his study, the other in a public service of the congregation. Guess we are kind of old-fashioned; we just can't get used to these newfangled methods of doing church work.

Only Two Faults

From the letters our friendly critics like to write us we have come to adopt the following little verse as our theme song:

"Others' faults are plenty,

But we have only two:

Everything we write,

And everything we do."

College Lectureship

Now the story is being told of a chronic drunk who was converted last winter, and soon afterward went with his preacher friend to one of the super-duper "Church of Christ College Lectureships" where the ballyhoo and promotion, what with exhibits, purple ribbons, yellow quarantine tags, speeches and parades, looked sort of like a three ring circus having a nervous break-down. "Have you had the D.T.'s since coming to the lectureship?" someone asked the ex-alcoholic. "I don't know," he thoughtfully replied, "It's a bit hard to tell where the D.T.'s leave off and the lectureship begins."

Number Five

Well the "quarantine" faction within the church, who have set themselves the unenviable task of promoting division among us, have been able to persuade another church to cancel a meeting for us. This is number five — not a one of which was with a congregation where we are known. Which suggests that about the only way they can get these cancellations brought about is by a gross misrepresentation on the part of those who are seeking to "spearhead" the quarantine. So be it. We are determined that these disfellowshippings and disruptions shall come from others, not from us. This writer has been able to prevent a few congregations friendly to us from cancelling meetings they had scheduled with some of the "quarantine" brethren. We expect to continue using whatever influence we have to prevent such. Peace and unity can not be promoted by the spirit of retaliation and ill will.

Capsule Definition

The fact that some of the "quarantine" brethren are getting congregations stirred up and excited by misrepresentation of the teaching of their brethren reminds us of the old, old definition of a politician as one who "looks for trouble, finds it everywhere; diagnoses it incorrectly, and applies the wrong remedy." These brethren seem set in their course to bring trouble to the church, misrepresenting their brethren to do it, and then trying to apply the "quarantine" to settle the trouble they themselves have produced!

The Life Of David Lipscomb

Excerpt from a letter to Earl West: "I have finished reading your recent book, 'The Life and Times of David Lipscomb.' It is one of the most fascinating books I have read in many a day. It is attractive in appearance, informative as to contents, and truly entertaining to those who love good literature." (Signed) Granville W. Tyler, West Helena, Arkansas. Order from the Gospel Guardian Company. Price of the book is $4.00.