Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 8, 1954


Joe H. Morris, 2707 Ky Ave., Paducah, Kentucky, June 17: "Last night brought to a close our meeting with James Miller preaching and C. M. Leneave directing the singing. Large audiences attended all services. Twenty-one were baptized and three identified. We broke our Bible school record of 342 with 360. I begin at Norwood, Ohio, June 21st; Walnut Grove (Marshall County) July 12th; Lowes, Kentucky, July 29th. Clements Street is at its Zenith."

Bill Cavender, Box 65, Nocona, Texas, June 17: "The Love Field Church in Dallas began using their new buildings on June 6th. Since my last report, eight have become Christians and. twelve have been restored. Three of those baptized were Baptists, one a Methodist. I began work with the church at Nocona on June 13th."

Luther Blackmon, Box 61, Bellaire, Texas, June 16: "Meetings recently in Carlsbad, New Mexico, Burnet, Texas, and Highland congregation in San Antonio."

R. D. Simmons, 1943 N. Tamarind Ave., Hollywood 28, California, June 15: "Will all correspondents please take note of our change of address. We have been with the Central Church, 12th and Hoover Streets in Los Angeles, California since the first of February. We look forward to a real pleasant and profitable work with the brethren here. Have been in three meetings this year, Kingsville and Hughes Spring, both in Texas, and West Covina, here in Southern California. My next meetings will be with Harlandale, in San Antonio, Texas, and Furman Avenue, Corpus Christi, Texas, both in September."

William E. Curry, 4904 Bassett Avenue, Richmond, Virginia, June 14: "A fine young man was brought to Richmond from South Hill Virginia recently to be baptized. That same evening one was restored at Forest Hill. T. H. Tarbert of Big Springs, Texas closed an eight day meeting on June 6. He had formerly worked with both congregations here. The preaching was very timely. The writer was sent to Danville, Virginia in May for an eight day meeting. The congregation there consists of nine adult members. One was baptized and one restored. Prospects are bright there."

Need A Preacher?

We know a gospel preacher of mature years and experience who wants to make a change of locations. He has done local work through the years with some of the best churches among us, and is of outstanding ability. He stands solidly for the truth! Knows the gospel and preaches it with power, and has been more than ordinarily successful in building up the congregations where he has labored. We will put you in touch with him if you are interested."